BUX Newsflash - 16.04.2021

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to a new BUX newsflash on the forum! During this bi-weekly update we’ll make sure to inform you on what the teams of BUX Zero, Crypto & X have been working on and share our latest and coolest updates :boom:.

BUX Zero

  • In case you missed it - we’ve listed over 40 new shares and ETFs over the past couple of days, including Coinbase and the FTSE All-World ETF (Vanguard)!
  • Another new update on the app, is the five year historical chart data. From now on, if a stock or ETF has been listed over five years - we’ll display the most recent five years of historical data in the app.

BUX Crypto

  • This week Bitcoin reached a new all-time high again of $64k! As always, we notice the effect of the market on the Crypto platform’s performance. It was booming!
  • Last week - we also received the amazing news that BUX Crypto obtained the registration at De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). We are super excited about this and have many more plans in store!


  • The Dark Mode is being developed in full force and we’re now approaching the final phase. We can’t wait to show you the final look!

Ah great! Was waiting for a new newsflash :slight_smile:

Must say, the new look on Zero looks great! And congrats to the Crypto team for acquiring the DNB License! I’m holding $BUX Token and see a bright future ahead! Can’t wait to try out the Limit Orders and External Wallet App!

Keep up the good work! :partying_face:


Thanks for sharing Demi! :rocket:

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Hi @Demi, any news on when BUX X will be available to European customers again? I’d really like to know which date BUX is aiming for right now. The customer support page doesn’t say anything about that.

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Hi @Cashcow,

we are working hard on enabling it again and hope to be able to in the next 4-6 weeks. However, there are many external dependencies which make it hard to give a firm commitment.


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