BUX Newsflash - 19.03.2021

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to the third BUX newsflash on the forum! During this bi-weekly update we’ll make sure to inform you on what the teams of BUX Zero, Crypto & X have been working on and share our latest and coolest updates :boom:.

BUX Zero

  • Our designers and developers have been working round the clock to provide the BUX Zero app with a new look. The functionality will remain the same but the new look will use cleaner fonts and colours. Keep an eye out for our emails because we will be sharing some sneak peeks in the coming weeks!
  • Missed the latest BUX Broadcast? You can rewatch episode #7 and #8, we’re discussing the latest markets related news and provide some more insights about Zero.

BUX Crypto

  • We’ve had four team members joining the BUX Crypto team! Our support team has been extended with Bengt, Mees and Luc, and Maria is joining us as a junior operations & project manager.
  • This week, the team finished the credit card implementation and it will go live next week.
  • We’re also in the process of listing three new Crypto assets! So stay tuned for this.


  • The team has made great progress on Dark Mode. We’re approaching the last steps of the social vertical!

Awesome! Thx for sharing Demi :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing! The team is growing good sign!:raised_hands:t2: