BUX Newsflash - 20.05.2022 🔦

Hi everyone :wave:t4:

Welcome to another edition of our bi-weekly BUX Newsflash! I hope you all recovered from watching all the artists that showcased their musical talents during the Eurovision Songfestival, and congratulations Ukraine :ukraine:

Again, it has been an interesting couple of weeks on the markets with Warren Buffett buying 3 billion worth of Citigroup shares to S&P 500 falling again yesterday.

Luckily I have some more BUX news for you all, so sit back relax and enjoy your Friday morning :fire:

  • It’s your last chance to participate in our gaming and eSports MGM Promo by inviting your friends and family to BUX Zero! Check out this post to read more about it! :smirk:

  • From now on our French superstar @QuentinBUX will be taking over the French BUX Broadcast. You can watch the first episode down below :point_down:t4:

  • You guys have probably already seen it but our BUX crypto roadmap has been released! Enjoy the fantastic visual that @BenedettaBUX created! :heart_eyes:

  • We just joined Trustpilot and our Brand & Comms hero @Laaraal revived @kuike his boosting post where we were asking you guys for a favor…. to leave a nice review and to show (new) BUX users what we are all about :brown_heart:

  • We have some new impressive BUX hires lining up that will soon be announced on our (social) channels. We are still in the process of adding more value to our teams :heavy_plus_sign:

BUX in the media

  • The Belgium Newspaper De Tijd released a very nice article about BUX offering fractional shares :ok_hand:t4:

  • Our superstar @Stevan was invited to the ELFIN podcast show to tell more about his views on diversifying investments, investing in ETFs, and fractional shares :eyes:

Crypto Headlines

  • The last couple of days the Bitcoin price has been hovering between the 30k and 27k euro price range :bitcoin_png:

  • The price of Luna fell to nearly zero. Here’s an interesting article about their founder Do Kwon in The New York Times :newspaper:

  • Last Wednesday the Dutch Financial Times released an article about the DNB intervenes in illegally operating crypto exchanges :currency_exchange:

  • Ethereum devs tip The Merge will occur in August ‘if everything goes to plan’ :world_map:

Thank you for reading another bi-weekly BUX Newsflash. Upcoming week I’ll be enjoying a week off. If you have any questions feel free to tag our social media angel @BenedettaBUX :angel:t4:


Would you rather be teammates with Cristiano Ronaldo or friends with Zlatan Ibrahimovic? :thinking:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo’s teammate!!
  • Friends with Zlatan
  • Idk, I’m more into korfball

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Some new impressive BUX hires huh… I like the sound of that :grin: :+1: