BUX Newsflash - 21.01.2022 🔦

Hi everyone :wave:t4:

I’m back again and I’m really hoping that you guys are doing great and made some fun weekend plans already. Otherwise, you still have plenty of time to call up some friends and family because the weekend hasn’t started yet.

First of all, you guys were smashing it online! We’ve seen a lot of supportive messages on Twitter, within the Telegram communities, and of course on the BUX Community Forum.

Thank you so much for that and we love seeing that almost everyone is happy with the 2 big updates that we just released.

More to come :rocket:

But let’s continue with our bi-weekly BUX Newsflash because I’m having a lot of exciting news for you all again.

So let’s roll on with some BUX Zero news :fire:

  • Last week we had our big crypto update, you can now add more than 30 cryptocurrencies to your portfolio of stocks and ETFs. If you want to read more about the cryptocurrencies that we are offering check out this article.

  • On Monday our newest BUX TV Commercial went live! Did you already spot it on television? If not you can check it out on our BUX YouTube Channel.

  • Our BUX Broadcast show will be back very soon. Our BUX superstar @Stevan can’t wait to shine again. Do you have any cool content ideas/suggestions for @stevan please let us know in the comments! :pray:t4:

  • We’ve been adding some BUX Community requested stocks lately like eBusco and CM.COM. Feel free to suggest some more here!

And what BUX Crypto highlights do we have? :smirk:

  • This morning the price of Bitcoin dropped below $40,000.

  • (New) crypto assets will be added to BUX Zero soon, can you guess? :eyes:

  • Our loyal BUX Community member @Kuike uploaded this week’s BUX Crypto newsletter here. Feel free to read it and give it a :brown_heart:

BUX in the media

  • Marketingtribune wrote a nice (:netherlands:) article about the goal behind our newest BUX TV commercial!

  • BUX was included on prime time national television in :fr:. We were featured in the 8 pm news of France 2!

  • We also got quite some press coverage in :es:! Europa press wrote a very article about us adding cryptocurrencies to BUX Zero!

  • Recently, the founder of BUX, @NickBortot-BUX sat down with Quote to discuss how it was to be on the core team of the first disruptor of The Netherlands. And how this experience eventually contributed to him founding BUX. You can read the full story in the print magazine. In the same magazine, you’ll also find our CEO @YorickBUX telling more about how his career choices and ambitions eventually led to BUX. My recommendation: get your hands on the magazine while you can :eyes:

It was quite a long bi-weekly BUX Newsflash and I really hoped that you guys enjoyed reading it and didnt fall a sleep. I’ll be back with more updates soon!

If you like reading and discussing some cool topics on the BUX Community Forum feel free to tag some active user you’ll see them on your own

Enjoy your day! :pray:t4:


Would you rather receive $40,000 today or wait a year and get 1 Bitcoin? :face_in_clouds:

  • Give me that 40k bro!
  • I’ll wait for that 1 Bitcoin for sure
  • Idk, please give me some Amazon stocks instead

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Who can relate ^^? LOL


Personally, I think I can put that 40K to better use in under-valued stocks then wait for 1 bitcoin, which might be worth 100K in a year or might be worth 10K.


I can relate :sweat_smile: It isn’t that worse anymore, but stil the first thing in the morning is checking the portfolio’s :rofl:

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