BUX Newsflash - 22.04.2022 🔦

Hi everyone :wave:t4:

Hope all of you are doing amazing, especially because the nice European spring weather is hitting us after a while. Again it has been an interesting couple of weeks on the markets with Netflix announcing its Q1 results to Just Eat Takeaway.com considering a full or partial sale of Grubhub.

Earnings season is still in full swing and next Wednesday The Netherlands will celebrate the birthday of “Koning Willy” so more amazing days ahead :pray:t4:

But let’s dive into the news because a lot of things happened for BUX. Here are some highlights :fire:

  • On Monday morning April 11, we had the honor to open the trading day in collaboration with ABN AMRO Clearing Bank in celebration of launching fractional European ETFs! Check out some BTS shots :camera_flash:

Impressive view from Beursplein 5 their balcony :star_struck:

The stage looked pretty cool, do you spot our BUX branded visual :eyes:

BING BONG, the final picture looks absolutely stunning :heart_eyes:

  • It’s your last chance to participate in our Earth Day MGM campaign. Check out this post to read more about it! :earth_africa:

  • On Monday we will announce our new team member and we are super excited to share it with you all :raised_hands:t4:

  • A batch of 95 US fractional shares has been released, another batch will follow if you want to request US fractional shares that we need to include in our next batch feel free to add some to @JPeters his list!

  • Our BUX Community Forum leader @Krypto-Kai made his Bulls & Bears television debut where he talked about staking and the metaverse :smirk:

  • :male_detective:t4: @Brinkie aka Mr. BUXISH (happy anniversary btw :cake:) already found out but we will be adding more crypto assets to BUX Zero in early May, stay tuned :cool_doge_gif: :buxish:

Bulls & Bears Academy - Waarom staking een leuk extraatje voor crypto-beleggers is (afl.11) :netherlands:

Bulls & Bears Academy - Een kavel in Decentraland kopen: goed idee of niet? (afl. 12) :netherlands:

BUX in the media :clapper:

  • Big shout out to @brinkie for sharing UKTN their latest podcast with our CEO @YorickBUX where he talks more about how BUX is scaling and hiring across Europe, and the importance of building great support team, telling why competition is a good thing for your audience and funding.

  • @Yorick BUX was also featured in the latest Sifted report on Fintech!

  • For all our French reading BUX Community members here’s a nice article about women investing behavior and to what extent that differs from how men invest.

Crypto Headlines :newspaper:

  • The last week the price of :bitcoin_png: remains stuck in the middle of its $35,000 to $45,000 range.

  • Snoop Dogg has announced that he’s going to start farming digital weed in the metaverse :deciduous_tree:

  • CNBC mentioned that U.S. officials link North Korean hackers to $615 million cryptocurrency heist.

  • Times Square will go dark tonight to prove crypto doesn’t have to be bad for the planet :black_circle:

Different format this time, let me know your thoughts and how we can improve this BUX bi-weekly Newsflash. Enjoy your weekend and this summer weather and I see you back within two weeks! :brown_heart:


Would you rather have the details of your financial life or your love life be made public? :thinking:

  • My financial life :money_mouth_face:
  • My love life, because it’s boring :yawning_face:
  • Idk, I want to keep both private :lock:

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great news @Fergus!! :muscle:t3: thank you for having shared with us

Ps: I am going to photoshopping you in the pic took during the trading day ahaha


That’s a :buxish: NEWSFLASH, I’ve never seen my name come up so often :star_struck::muscle:t3::green_heart:

@Fergus , what do you mean by anniversary. 1 year on the forum?


Hahaha, yes 1 year on the forum! :rocket:


Whooooop whooooop :partying_face: :champagne:


Yeah you got quite the USP with fractional shares in Europe, first movers advantage and all :slight_smile:

Nice photos!