BUX Newsflash - 23.07.2021 🔦

Hi everyone :wave:t4:

It is me again writing from an NS 2nd class silence coupe (choo choo :steam_locomotive: :dash:). It has been an interesting week on the markets so far and I hope that everyone is doing well. At BUX we didn’t stop moving, and here is what we have been working on these last couple of 2 weeks.

So, let’s start. What’s happening regarding BUX Zero?

  • Our international BUX Zero TV campaign went finally live, did you already spot it on tv? Here’s where you can check it out! :star_struck:
  • Our BUX Zero is making a start on the Crypto integration in BUX Zero :handshake:
  • We have added some cool videos Dutch educational videos to our “Beleggingsvideotheek” and we are currently shooting more educational content in other languages, so please stay tuned :sunglasses:
  • We also added new ETFs on BUX Zero, more to come! :top:

Okay, and what do we have for BUX Crypto?

  • The price of Ethereum rose Wednesday after Elon Musk confirmed he owns it :moneybag:
  • We’ve listed new crypto assets on BUX Crypto! Recently we added Curve & Basic Attention Token to the platform and yesterday we added Uniswap :unicorn:
  • Let us know what you think about the new assets so far and which assets you think are missing! :thinking:
  • The team also worked on some content strategy, so be ready for some awesome crypto stuff :smirk:

Okay, this was it, see you guys later and enjoy your weekend :v:t5:



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