BUX Newsflash - 24.06.2021 🔦

Hi everyone :wave:t4:

It’s me again writing behind my desk. I am hoping that you all having a great week so far. Luckily we still have the weekend ahead of us, and we are also able to watch the European Cup on TV (unless your tv is broken :man_shrugging:t4:).

So let’s start with our bi-weekly BUX Newsflash! What do we have for BUX Zero? :zap:

  • We are finally live in Ireland!! The response is great so far and we are very happy to be the first exclusively mobile platform to offer zero-commission investing in :ireland:

  • Our team is working really hard on making our charts even more easily scannable. We are also working on candlestick charts. Thanks, everyone for your feedback! If you are still having feedback for us, you are very welcome to share it on this topic :bulb:

  • We are improving our investment plan :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Of course, I am also having some BUX Crypto news for you all :brown_heart:

  • It’s been another crazy two weeks in the Crypto market :hot_face:

  • BUX Crypto will launch new marketing campaigns. In the coming weeks, our marketing team will start with running advertisements on new marketing channels such as Reddit, Twitter, and Snapchat :clapper:

  • The team is putting a lot of effort into the BUX Zero integration. By offering BUX Crypto in BUX Zero, users will be able to create a uniquely diversified portfolio of all popular stocks, ETFs, and cryptos all from one app! :handshake:

  • More crypto assets will come, please keep an eye on our Community Forum. @Krypto-Kai do you think that they are ready? :smirk:

So this is it for now! I hope to see you back within two weeks! Please enjoy the sunny weather and don’t forget to drink lots of water :potable_water:




Just a random question: Would you do this dance too if you landed on the moon? :crescent_moon:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe, idk yet

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