BUX Newsflash - 25.03.2022 🔦

Hi everyone :wave:t4:

How are you all doing? It has been an interesting week on the markets again with Jerome Powell saying that they will take the necessary steps to ensure a return to price stability to Alibaba raising its share buyback program to $25 billion on Tuesday.

But hey, let’s get started because I have some BUX news for you all

What BUX Zero news updates do we have? :eyes:

  • We are currently working on more top up options. Recently our clients received an email with our new IBAN number :envelope_with_arrow:

  • Yesterday we hosted a special event at SoHo House Amsterdam where we designed to drive discussion around bridging the female financial literacy gap, through technology. We also interviewed the Dutch Minister of Finance Sigrid Kaag about current initiatives to empower women financially, as well as her personal relationship with money. You can read a nice recap about this event soon on our BUX Community Forum :star_struck:

  • More ETFs will be added to BUX Zero soon. We also added some BUX Community request stocks to our app :new:

  • We are also working on the next big thing…. more updates about this will follow very soon :rocket:

  • Big shout out to @Sulhie who’s taking a look into new BUX MGM opportunities. if you have any cool ideas please let us know :pray:t4:

Do you want to attend our next BUX Event? :smirk:

  • Yes, please send me the invite
  • No, thank you

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Okay and what about BUX Crypto? :smiley:

  • Bitcoin is having a winning run as it rose over the $44,000-mark :bitcoin_png:

  • Our Crypto team held an AMA last Wednesday on Telegram you can find all the final questions and answers on this topic. Big shout out to @Krypto-Kai @SebastiaanLichter & Bengt for making it possible :buxape_png:

BUX in the media :camera_flash:

  • Our CEO @Yorick features on the cover of Emerce’s March issue. In his interview, he discusses BUX’s strategy, business model, challenges, and plan for future funding. You can read it here

  • Finance Magnates wrote an article about BUX hiring Jean-Raphael Nahas, who will be joining as the new Managing Director of Cyprus CFD operations!

  • Our BUX Zero superstar @Stevan explained the basics of technical analysis on national television during Bulls & Bears.

This was it, for now, hope you all enjoyed the news. Enjoy the nice weather and I see you back within 2 weeks another bi-weekly BUX update.


Would you rather go a year without television or a year without music? :thinking:

  • Without television for sure
  • A year without music
  • Idk, I like both but I can use my Twitch

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So many great news these past weeks!!! And cannot wait for the upcoming ones :soon: :star_struck: