BUX Newsflash - 26.11.2021 🔦

Hi everyone :wave:t4:

Welcome back, today I’m having another amazing BUX bi-weekly newsflash for you and a very special one because I included some BUX Community Forum news as well :smiley:

But before we start, I hope that everyone is having a great Friday morning so far and that despite the difficult circumstances you have a great weekend planned.

But yes let’s dive into the updates because we have quite some cool things coming up that we’ve worked on these last couple 2 weeks!

So what do we have regarding BUX Zero? :eyes:

  • We are having a special Black Friday MGM promo going on. You will now have a 1 in 20 chance of getting the BlackRock iShares Nasdaq 100 ETF. The promotion runs until 2021-12-03T22:59:00Z.

  • Our superstar @Stevan shot another BUX Broadcast episode where he was talking in front of a green screen, looks cool right?

  • We’ve added over 300 new US stocks to the BUX Zero app, including fast food companies like Papa Johns, Texas Roadhouse, and Yum China. More new shares are coming, so stay tuned

  • Some of you who are part of the Public Beta and using Android are already enjoying the new feature account value chart. It will be available for iOS soon!

And what BUX Crypto highlights do we have? :sparkles:

  • Bitcoin price is consolidating as it continues to trend sideways following its all-time high earlier this month :bitcoin_png:

  • Three new assets: Avalanche (AVAX), Decentraland (MANA), Axie Infinity (AXS can now be traded directly with Euro and Bitcoin! :fire:

  • BUX Zero integration. The integration’s now entering the testing phase, which means that we’ll be testing crypto trading in the Zero app extensively with our colleagues in the coming period.

  • Crypto withdrawals. Crypto withdrawals for BTC, ETH, and BUX are now open. Support for more currencies will follow, also crypto deposits will be opened in the coming weeks.

BUX Community Forum update :bux_logo_black:

  • We fixed the logos thanks to our loyal BUX Community member @kuike for the edit. Now visitors can relax their eyes when they are using dark mode on their phone or desktop because the BUX logo is looking smooooth :cool_doge_gif:

  • Chats are enabled. BUX Community Forum members have now the opportunity to send each other private messages.

  • This month we’ve reached 74k page views again!

  • Last week a BUX Call of Duty Warzone team was born with the clan tag [BUX 0]. If you want to join or challenge us (Crypto community where you at :smirk:) please shoot me or @Cornel a message and we can arrange some COD battles :crossed_swords:

Also, check out part two of the Business Insider podcast where @Yorick and Jelle Pol (Dusk) are in a conversation about leadership. You can listen to the episode on Spotify here (:netherlands: only). So, this is it for now :smiley: Enjoy your Black Friday and Cyber Monday and I hope to see you back within two weeks!


Would you rather have to wear wet socks every day or only be allowed to wash your hair once a year?

  • Wet socks every day lol
  • Let me wash my hair once a year
  • Idk, I hate wet socks and I would love to wash my hair

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I’ll pick the wash hair once a year option and go bald. :sunglasses:


Hahaha you are very smart @Mixer :crazy_face:


Let’s go play some CoD warzone ! With the clan tag (BUX 0) feel free to send me an message, so we can make it happen!


It sure looks smooth (if I do say so myself):sunglasses:

@Fergus you forgot to mention the new emoticons :buxish:


Wet socks for a year would make your feet rot off, so honestly not really a difficult choice :smiley:


I forgot to add the amazing screenshots that @Kuike made for us :star_struck:

The new BUX Community Forum logo is looking awesome! :heart_eyes:


Looking pretty damn good @Kuike :handshake:


Thanks :blush:


who is ready to play some CoD this week? :muscle: :snorlax_png:

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Depends how good you are. Don’t like noobs :rofl:


We are really good!

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