BUX Newsflash - 30.04.2021

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to another newsflash on our Community Forum! During this bi-weekly update, we are sharing the coolest news updates concerning BUX Zero, BUX Crypto, and BUX X :zap:

BUX Zero

  • We are very busy finalizing the investment plan and we can’t wait to share it with you all. With this new feature, everyone will be able to make recurring investments in a diversified portfolio of ETFs.
  • For our Dutch users we are back with season 2 of our BUX Broadcast. Besides that we also started with a German BUX Broadcast, so please check it out on our BUX YouTube channel by clicking on this link!

BUX Crypto

  • This week we made great progress on the limit orders functionality. We can’t wait to finally have it.
  • Next week we will start launching a new MGM promotion concerning BUX Crypto. So stay tuned.


  • We are still making progress on Dark Mode and can’t wait to show it :sunglasses:

Let us know what you think about the news updates and enjoy your weekend.


What is a MGM promotion?

Thanks for the update.
Can I request a weekly video in English or even better a video update from @Krypto-Kai and @SebastiaanLichter talking about Crypto and what’s happening in their opinion.

The videos could be about security, interesting projects, what’s happening with BTC, ideas for the future?

Currently there is no content being produced around the BUX Crypto side. No one in the team is using their personal social pages to engage with the community.

It would be awesome to see some engagement!

I understand why Yorick doesn’t post he is busy watching the markets. As for others… let’s do this!
Can you post your twitter profiles somewhere so the community can all follow you.

Ape together strong!


This sounds interesting, is there any info on this available somewhere maybe?

Hi @Kieran very cool idea! I think @Krypto-Kai and @SebastiaanLichter are definitely down to do a video update or a Crypto AMA in the future on our Community Forum :sunglasses:

Not yet, but you will hear more information about it later this month @Mik :smiley:

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