BUX NFT Airdrop

Below is some information on the BUX NFT giveaways and a little insight into the capabilities of Non Fungible Tokens✅

There are 181 unique BUX NFTs that are slowly being given away to the community.

Weekly events are being held on twitter, follow @theLastBUX to join the fun.

Here is one. Solve this puzzle -
:hourglass_flowing_sand:Het Deaf saw on denticca :hourglass_flowing_sand:

If you are new to NFTs there are things you should know.

NFTs are very useful in a digital space.

They can have all kinds of utility built in.
One use is they act as a digital key letting owners access media through pay walls.
Fantastic for content creators to help monetize their work.

Being digitally unique allows many functions to be programmed into one NFT🤯. It also allows other people to create doors for certain owners to open. This is where it gets fun.

NFTs are visual tokens that can leverage the benifits of smart contracts. Programmable Digital tokens that are visible in the form of art is something that is going to stick around.

Twitter announced they will be adding NFT verification into profile photos. NFTs will become the new Blue tick.

The beginners mind is a powerful place to play. New things are being developed and a new metaverse is starting to form pixel by pixel. Enjoy the process of construction regardless of the noise.


@Fergus when are you heading over to twitter?


Thank you for the explanation @Kieran !

That’s some helpful information for an NFT boomer like me! :sweat_smile:

I didn’t know they could act as ‘Digital Key’, and the twitter verification of NFT!

Now I’m starting to get the hype!


So many use cases. NFTs are being used in games as well. One of a kind pieces that when found can be traded and sold.

People are starting to release their music as a NFT. You can also attach royalties to individual NFTs to reward the content creators.

It’s a fascinating space and improvements are being made daily.

It seems one day if it’s digital and collectable good chance it’ll be some form of NFT.

Join in on the next BUX NFT air drop and I’ll teach you how to set up a wallet, send and receive your first NFT💪


Everyone ready for the next BUX BUC NFT airdrop tomorrow :fire:
Retweet for awareness.


I’m back in the office, will look at it now! Thanks @Kieran :facepunch:t4:


Won myself this gem on Twitter, #049:

Thanks @Kieran!

@Fergus do you already hold a BUX NFT?


Congratulations @Jim! :partying_face: No, I’m not holding a BUX NFT yet. The ones that are created are looking insane tbh!


Might be your lucky day. :eyes:


I’m in for this one :sunglasses:

Can I add this somehow to my Opensea portfolio? Would that be possible? Not too familiar with the NFT stuff yet, hence I want to kind of try and get involved.


Yes sir! @Kieran helped me out, as for me it was my first NFT. You just need a MetaMask wallet and the NFT can be transferred to your public address. The NFT will show up in your OpenSea portfolio automatically when received.


What is an NFT? :sweat_smile:

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Cool, thanks @Jim - I think I have a few old MetaMask addresses hehe. Will figure that out in case I win, would be a nice first NFT :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


@JimiBUX otherwise, a new MetaMask wallet is easy & free to make.

@Cornel it’s also very new to me, but I’ll try my best to explain. Experts, please correct me if I’m wrong. A NFT (non fungible token) is a JPEG (not sure if JPEG only?) which is on the blockchain. NFT’s are supported by multiple blockchains, for instance Ethereum, Cardano & Solana. Because it is on the blockchain you can prove ownership and buy/sell. For now I think it’s mostly being used as a sort of substitute for trading cards. There are a lot of different collections, most are worthless, some are worth multiple millions.

Now imagine: you are a very enthousiastic Call of Duty or FIFA Ultimate Team player. You’ve bought all the flashy skins and weapons, you have the best FUT cards and whatever is for sale or lootable in the game. Now you stop playing, and all the money you have invested in the game is gone cuz the stuff is non transferable. Imagine every skin or FUT card or whatever being a NFT which you can sell in a NFT marketplace. No more money wasted in games. EA is gonna loose their mind.


Thanks for explaining @Jim !

You make it look very easy, so i understood what you just said! Thanks!

I play a lot of FUT, and it is always a sad story that you can’t get your cards in the next fifa!

I will be in crypto’s very shortly so, I hope I can get in these systems with you guys!

I hope you have an wonderful day!