BUX should change its forum strategy

I’m noticing a slowing down on forum posts. This is bad for new users, and the vibe on this forum.

Now, of course it is summertime and the stock market isn’t a very great market right now. But I believe BUX should change its forum strategy.

It would be great if every stock has it’s own topic.
Currently members has to open new topics. But as we all can see that’s not really happening.
Besides, if you invest for example in ASML, and there’s a topic linked to the stock. We might be able to add notifications, which creates more interest to investors and it might help to start discussions.


Market is going down, so all the “gamblers” and hype-trains are gone for now.

As for investing, it’s quite the bonanza in some sectors, you can pick up some good deals.

Personally I don’t know if you should give every stock it’s own topic, that would quickly flood the whole section.
But the major ones should indeed.


For a good forum that works well you need good admins and moderators to run the forum and add content. Just leaving it up to the users will not work.

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Maybe you can create topics per sub sector. Like chippers, software, railway companies. Oil majors and energy utilities for example

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I think something must be done. I feel engagement is getting less

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Indeed. I look a lot to the iex.nl forums.

BUX knows which stocks are hot according to their audience. They should make the topics by themselves.


This forum should never have opened/excisted.

In stryk (formerly bux X) you have plenty of channels to pick from as a community and you can comment on topics there.

And if you have any topic you wanna discuss or want info on just ask the channel owner.


Hey all, I’m Nigel, the head of support at BUX. I just want to provide you with a bit of an update on this topic and also thank you for thinking along and suggesting improvements. As BUX we need to hold our hands up here and admit that in recent weeks we haven’t been as present as we should have been. I just want to explain why, and share some updates:

  • Fergus will be moving on to other opportunities beyond BUX. (he’s left you a note below)!. While we are sad to see him leave, we want to thank him and acknowledge the engaged community he has helped to build.
  • What does this mean for the Community Forum? The forum will continue, however, we will no longer have a single manager within BUX.
  • Who is going to run the Forum? A selection of support team members will be picking up discussions, threads, etc. They will be here to help you all, and to share content from a BUX perspective.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm!

Fergus’ note:

Hi everyone :wave:t4:

Some of you guys have might noticed it already, but it has been a bit quiet on our BUX Community Forum lately…

I am super sad to be writing this but unfortunately, this will be my last post on our wonderful BUX Community Forum. This project was started over a year ago by @krypto-kai and I was honored to take over with great pleasure and energy.

Within a year, we have seen this BUX Community Forum grow from a few hundred community members to over 2k+ BUX community members. But most importantly, this forum served as a safe place where anyone could share their investing experiences, requests, and/or voice concerns.

I am extremely proud of what we have created and experienced together, and I want to thank each one of you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks, everyone for all the rich conversations, requests, legendary AMAs, and your time to read my bi-weekly BUX Newsflashes. I’m super thankful for meeting a lot of you online and in real life, and wish you guys all the best with your investing journey :pray:t4:




oh no @Fergus :frowning: