BUX support not responding

So if you try to contact BUX using the chat feature, you are informed that they are currently replying in a few hours.

So a few is obviously more than a couple so I expected to have to wait maybe 4 hours for my answer to come (unable to call as I was teaching)

At the time of this post, the question is still not answered, and the post was sent on Monday morning. So I guess in bux’s case “few” = 48+

I am still waiting on a question reported 23 februari …

I hoped my question was responded in 5 hours, but I have to wait a few days extra?

I’m also waiting

Hi all, really sorry to see these posts but I fully understand. Let me assure you that the support team are working very hard to get to your chats and emails. It’s been an extrememly busy week due to our change in fee structure and some unforeseen issues. Thank you all for your patience and understanding!

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