$BUX Token News

Kucoin just sent 2m $BUX to their cold storage wallet.

What does this mean?

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I don’t know for sure. Could be just for security reasons. Maybe someone else might know more.

Limit orders function has been released.
What are your thoughts?


Love it. Simple and intuitive :+1:

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Today there is no news.
Some say no news is good news.

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Exciting news!

BUX Crypto and BUX Zero are coming together.
BUX looking to take over the investing space and becoming an all in one platform.

In a growing digital age crypto is here to stay.

Take your time to learn about cryptocurrency before investing. There are many projects in many different areas and it can be overwhelming trying to learn everything at once.

Don’t fret!

Luckily there are a large number of BUX crypto community members who are open to answer any question you may have. Check out the telegram channel as well.

You can DM or ask so others can learn.

One heuristic I use is the Lindy test. If the project is in the top 50, is popular and growing in user base for X years then higher probability it will continue to grow for X years.

Bitcoin is one good example of this.

The less that’s know about a project, the less time the project has been around the higher risk the project is.

FFS, rule number 1 tip number 1! Continue to increase your understanding to help lower your risk of loss.

BUX oof-1628629401901


A YouTuber has posted a video about BUX.

One of the first channels to mention the BUX Token utility. Nice to see the project getting some attention.
Give him some love. Like and share.


New BUX Crypto roadmap released.

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New token listing :fire:

BUX Token is about to be listed on Orion Protocol platform! :white_check_mark:

You will be able to farm your BUX!

"Orion Protocol is the first gateway to the entire crypto market: aggregating liquidity from a broad range of sources into one decentralized platform.

To celebrate this, a farm pool of $BUX tokens will be available for people that add liquidity to our BUX-USDT trading pair.

And, for all Orion Protocol community members: $ORN will be listed on BUX Crypto with a Euro and Bitcoin market pair!

Happy trading! :sparkles:"


3 million BUX Tokens have been moved out of Kucoins cold wallet. That’s 1.7 million US dollars!

With the up and coming news looks like they are getting ready for a lot of new buyers. Is everyone ready for deposits and withdrawals to open up?



I have a question regarding the tokens price,
how is it that the BUX token on BSC and BUX-C have the exact same price even though arbitrage isn’t possible due to the inability of moving BUX tokens from BSC to BUX-C? who is stabilizing this price?
in times of extreme volatility prices should not remain the same if there wasn’t an actor who is indeed capable of arbitraging.
does anyone have an explanation for this?

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Because it’s the same thing.
BSC (binance smart chain) is the blockchain buxtoken runs on. if the tokens are on bux-c ore elsewhere they stil on the BCS block chain.
Bux is an broker broker they have to rout the orders to a exchange (kucoin for the bux token) so if you buy on bux you buy them of the Kucoin exchange, here the tokens can be airbriged to different platforms to keep a stable price. (don’t know if this helps).


yes thank you. very clear, thought maybe the Dev wallet was artificially managing the price difference on ORION/ PCS and Kucoin.
so withdrawels to BSC are possible thru Kucoin?

Not sure what you mean whit “withdrawels to BSC” . What website You referring to?