BUX Token TA

$BUX on the 1D is looking really good. What do all the TA 🧙‍♂️’s think?


I’m more of a fundamental analysis kind of guy, but I think the TA wizards would call this a bullish pennant. Note also the decreasing volume, indicating a move soon.

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I only look at MA’s and Fib retracment. I think due to the percentage move up we’ve had, the 100 daily MA needs to catch up before the next leg up. May take around 30 days judging by the current trajectory of the 100 DMA


My opinion:

The economics for the Bux token are different compared to the other top 500 crypto coins. This is all related to the crash that happened when the coin carried the name Blockport.

Since then, a lot of ICO investors have dumped their tokens. The people who trusted the team kept buying the token really cheap. I see a lot of people who own a huge percentage of the total supply because of this. And these people will not sell for a long time. This means the tokens are in the right hands, in the hands of people who trust the team in the long run.

Currently, I don’t see any big parties holding a lot of tokens. Once we see a couple of big parties, the price may skyrocket.

The problem is that big investors can’t really buy a large bag of tokens because they will have a hard time buying and selling.

I feel like it’s perfect we hold a very strong support at a 1000 sats. This means we are ready for a new ATH.

For me, we are in an “accumulation” phase. Where new people come in, and new bags are made. Once the platform is finally “use-able”, we are ready to go.

When I looked into my crystal ball, I can see prices that are around 3k sats in 3 months, and 7k sats at the end of the year.

I would love to hear what people think about this.


I am kind of new in crypto-land, started in februari with a BUX crypto account, after being satisfied of the use of BUX zero app. The 1000 BUX tokens made me happy around the beginning of march when they doubled in value… and ever since i try to stack some more…

Then i found out that daytrading with the other available coins in BUX crypto is more profitable, but i still hold on to some of my BUX tokens… i am curious where i can find more info on how its price will evolve in time…

I read a lot about crypto’s nowadays, and sometimes very negative about the high fees in BUX applications… how can i still convince my friends to start with BUX instead of BLOX or other wallet options like binance… etc…

Any good BUX PR quotes ???

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Cool story Michel. The big move of the BUX Token was fascinating to watch. Probably simple supply and demand. There is a max supply of around 76m and as BUX Zero app users buy 1000 tokens each it seems the price naturally increases.

Eventually the BUX team will have to implement pledging where it will be time based over amount. It’ll be too expensive for new app users to purchase tokens as the number of users grows.

In regards to pricing there is no information there or really on any project as no one has any idea. A lot of noise in the space of trading and it becomes really loud during a bull market.

If BUX decides to venture more into the digital trading space there are endless token utility ideas.

You could probably come up with a few yourself! Especially when you have BUX battles and trading competitions.

How do you convince your friends to go with BUX? If it takes a lot of convincing that is a sign. What app would they prefer to use? Talking to someone with little bias can be interesting as they can point out flaws that when you are invested pretend not to see.

So that one day TA took a dive👀

As Warren Buffet famously taught - Buy the goddamn dip

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Sorry I’ll sell the dip and fomo at the top. This is how this shit works no??