BUX Token Utility

I’m interested to know what utility BUX has planned for the $BUX token?

How many people here are holding the BUX token so they will be able to trade commision free? It’s currently required on the crypto platform and from my understanding will one day be implemented all through the BUX ecosystem.

What features would you like to see added to improve the purpose of the BUX Token?


Bux publishes a newsletter every 2 weeks and there is a roadmap on the website.

If you join the Bux community telegram groups, the bots in the group are able to show you the largest bag holders. I personally have several thousand.


Is Yorick the largest bag holder?
BUX up-1619409774584

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Really? :weary:
I’m fundamentally against buying or investing in cryptocurrency. I’d rather pay commissions than pay for crypto. If this is pushed onto BUX Zero users as well, I’d seriously be disappointed.
Please don’t do this :pleading_face:

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Nobody will force you to buy crypto; if you’d rather pay commissions then you can continue to do so. However, many people see crypto as their ticket to financial freedom, and BUX would be foolish to ignore them. Like it or not: crypto is here to stay.


That’s not how I understood @Kieran. If it’s implemented all throughout the BUX ecosystem, what will that mean for users like myself?


Hi @anon67361218, thanks for the reply. Do you see any helpful utility features of implementing a digital token into a digital Neo Broker platform like BUX?

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If you don’t want to invest in crypto, then nothing changes for you. For other users it would mean an extra option (next to Zero Orders) to do commission-free trading, and an extra investment opportunity.


Hi @Kieran, to be honest with you, I don’t. I made an account on BUX C as well, to learn more about your cryptocurrency, but I still don’t see the added value to integrate it all throughout the BUX ecosystem. Personally I find crypto to be digital confetti (no offense to those who think otherwise), but if you have more information on the BUX token somewhere, I’ll gladly read up on this.


I pay hundreds in fees on Bux X. If Bux finds a way to reward Bux token holders by giving them discount on Bux X then I’m defo happy spending money to buy Bux tokens.


If people get offended that’s not on you that’s on them.
Thanks for the reply. I’ll try my best to let you see what I see.

Hang on to the end.

You are right in a lot of cases that coins have turned to dust.

They were made by dishonest scum purely to scam people and it works and unfortunately it’ll work again.

I see BUX as a business less likely to rug, what do you think? Answer at the end.

Have you looked into the potential of DeFi? Projects like AAVE for example? Where users can lend their capital in a peer to peer format?
There are interesting abilities of a token with a max supply that can bring utility to a platform in a way that benifits the token holders and the project.

It can create huge incentives to individual users to add value to the platform. As the platform improves so does the experience, brining in more users which creates more demand for the token that gives the token holders more incentive to continue to add yet again more value.

In some ways a token allows people who would never have the opportunity to invest in a large businesses like BUX do so at a very affordable price. They then become very sticky and these users at scale are extremely valuable.

I see a max supply token like BUX a new way for passionate investors to hold a piece of the business. For having skin in the game the token holders gain rewards for taking on some risk. Over time more and more utility can be added in all kinds of ways to thank the holder of the BUX token. How long have you held the token for? Long term holders get access to beta releases early (insert other ideas her)

What about…

You truly believe the BUX vision and buy a few tokens to signal yes! I’m with you guys and if you can pull this off I’m along for the ride. You may want to prove you are a long term believer not just someone waiting to dump on the first BUX token price increase. So you Pledge your tokens for 6 months by pledging them you are sending a strong message and as a reward you could accrue interest over that time. Hold for longer and earn longer term interest as this is a digital way of saying I believe BUX is going to do much better in the future than it is today.

This at scale is where things get interesting as it becomes more valuable to you and also to BUX.

If BUX is successful the $BUX token will be successful.

How can BUX thank all those people who supported the growth through the rough and challenging start up period. Or the ups and low challenging downs. A thank you message? Email?

Cryptocurrency rewards people with skin in the game and going forward it will continue to do so. Especially when you invest with honest, hard working people like the ones working at BUX. In one click they can see who actually put their hard earned money on the line. They can see the date, how much and how often they bought the BUX token to signal they support their vision and not just talked about it.

How about this.

You have your own start up. You allow people to buy your token to help fund the project. You struggle for years but eventually make it. You can go back and see who bought, how many, how often and if they sold. Their investment at those times on scale helped your business become successful.

How would you show your appreciation to those many small investors who bought your token and that stuck with you. They all bought the token as they believed in you and your vision, they all had skin in the game just as you did? What would you do in return to show your appreciation?

@SebastiaanLichter I would be interested in your thoughts.
@Krypto-Kai also interested in your thoughts.
@zowie if you are around also interested in your thoughts (hope Zowie is ok)
@NickBortot-BUX you might have an interesting perspective as someone who has had a lot of support.

Anyone else who has an opinion on the BUX token I would be very interested in hearing you out.

Kind regards,
Not Yorick


I spoke about investing in BUX by buying the BUX token. Allows anyone to become a shareholder of sorts.

If BUX goes on to take over Europe with millions of users that success will be passed on to holders of the BUX token. Especially when it’s implemented into the ecosystem. It’s a win for everyone.

The win will also be passed on to anyone who invested in any seed rounds. I believe the funding rounds were private and not open to community members. If I am wrong please let me know.

What if.

What if and this doesn’t seem to be how things are falling into place but what if BUX fails and is unable to gain market share and turns to dust.

What happens to the value of the shares? If the business goes bankrupt that whole system is over.

The BUX token will dump also. Most will sell. Some may hold? Why the Fk would you hold a token that is now useless? It will still exist and still trade 24 hours a day.

The difference is the BUX token could be taken over by the community. If you have a community full of developers, marketing degens, shit posters and the rest… They could quickly pivot and build something to continue the BUX vision. They could accumulate the tokens in circulation and try something new.

The tokens will continue to be traded, people can continue to develop utility and functions into new platform. There is already a community connected to the BUX token ready to go.

Even though the original idea no longer exists the tokens could continue to gain in value as they are implemented into new projects. All growing from a passionate community and the absolute power of incentive.

If you were building a digital business what features/functionality would you code into your digital max supply token to help reward your users?

The BUX token could be a big deal in the growth of the BUX platform. If you don’t see the potential and are an individual that runs your own digital business or start up I would love to get your feedback and thoughts also?

I aim that last question at people running their own business as they have more financial skin in the game than others and that can completely changed the way to see the world. There is a lot of noise out there. It’s very easy to talk but not as easy to put everything you own on the line to try and build a business to free yourself from the game.

PS. Investing in a successful business is also a great way to free yourself from the game. If they succeed you succeed :moneybag:. Both reward you for the risk taken.

Looking forward to hearing people’s thoughts.

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I must say, i understand your vision about the BUX token. one thing bothers me, you state that the succes of the BUX token is correlated with the succes of the Bux company, however you must admit that the bux token is no stock paying dividend. the succes might be correlated, if the Bux company chooses it to be. then they can initiate buybacks, and inflate the price. they can also do the opposite release more supply when prices soar. So it is not so simple with crypto, lots of rules and regulations don’t apply to the cryptospace.

so keep in mind, that anything might happen, but i followed the same reasoning as you did Kieran (bought bux tokens, because I trust in succes of the Bux company) but 40% of the reason why I bought them is because I can farm them on Pancakeswap for 230% APY. this will cover my risks until Bux decides to expose their full userbase to crypto.
I do hope Bux-token gains more utility in the DeFi space on the binancesmartchain, this may enlarge the userbase and attention for the Bux Token

love to hear if anyone else is using Bux-token in Defi.

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Yep i have bux tokens a 1000 pièce
It is not much but every penny i save on transactions is money and i think its verry stabel

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Let’s please absolutely avoid terms like “share(holder)” when talking about the token, or imply that holding it would even remotely be comparable to having a actual stake in the company. That’s both legally difficult and misleading. Unlike fully crypto-crowdfunded startups, BUX doesn’t rely on the token, and they didn’t even create it. That’s both a plus (unaffected by a crypto bear market) and a minus (doing fine without it, could even ditch it theoretically).


Hi Iruwen, the words used are difficult in regards to the situation. The connection some users have with the tokens can feel that way.

It doesn’t make it that way. I mention it as the growth of BUX does have a rising tide effect on the token and that correlation does feel like an investment of some kind.

For some, a long term investment and maybe the only one they can afford. They are passionate about the success of BUX and to them it’s a way of being involved with the business financially. You already know this and I see where I am making it challenging.

How they feel about it to what it actually is… what the token is designed to do.

Does it help? No and I will avoid using those words.

You are right they don’t need the token. They only need the users.

They also need funding and 80m doesn’t last long. Especially when you try and buy solutions, people will happily take the money telling you they can solve your problems.

If you can’t pay your developers (most valuable assets) and no one wants to give you anymore money that 11% token supply might come in handy. If it’s worth anything :crazy_face:

With the new BUX crypto roadmap released there was mention of “considering creating a more advanced token model”

Considering is pretty open. Is there anymore information that can be shared here?

Can we expect more utility by Q4 or confirmation of more utility?

I also deleted my above post. It was worse than my normal terrible takes.


I must say that during the last few months the crypto withdrawal or deposit has not been solved, so the BUX token on the Binancesmartchain has zero value in my opinion (except for buying a thinly vailed representative in bux). there is no possibility of buying BUX and entering the Defi markets through the BUX crypto platform.
so to clarify: if i hold BUX on BSC and i want to move them to BUX crypto i have to:

  • sell BUX on Pancakeswap for BNB
  • move BNB to Binance (using another crypto exchange, very clever)
  • sell BNB for EUR
  • Move EUR to my bank
  • deposit EUR in BUX crypto,
  • Buy BTC with EUR on Bux crypto
  • buy BUX with BTC on Bux crypto
    this process will take me around 3 days to complete, and cost me to much in fees, so because of this process the entire Defi market is rendered inaccessible when using BUX crypto. so why producing a BUX token on BSC, it makes no sense if you have no usability on Defi for the token, or any compatibility with the BUX crypto network.

you first added a utility on PCS for the BUX token, however the promotion for Liquidity farmers ended, the Liquidity pool drained from 4mil to 53k. in my opinion you have launched this BUX token to early on the BSC trying to get a piece of the action of the entire BSC hype.

please revaluate your strategy position on Defi and the BUX token going forward, if you want to integrate Defi into your exchange you have to find different ways of using your BUX token in defi.
some ideas: (after fixing withdrawel and deposits of crypto)

  • governance using the BUX token, (maybe de-facto governance, like advisory but listen most of the time)
  • then add a governance platform, containing governance staking rewards,
  • adding BUX token (as representative of the platform) on lending and supplying platforms (like Venus, XVS)
    this creates more intrinsic value of the underlying token as a representative of the BUX crypto platform. which is necessary right now.

How good is this BUX card mock up!
Designed by ABEE. His efforts won him one of the last BUX.


Wow this looks sick!! :star_struck: Congratz ABEE! :clap:t4: