Bux X / Bux Zero / Bux Crypto

Hi all, didn’t see a topic like this, so i thought i would make one to the best of my abilities. (Might edit it later)

Bux has 3 Apps, although the last one isn’t really an app yet, just looks like it.

  1. Bux X: The first one that was created about 6 years ago.
    A revolution in the trading world. Where simple folk could come and talk, trade and battle. I have been trading for 15/20 years and never had any contact with other traders before bux really, in those big numbers.
    In those 6 years not much has changed. Sure it got more members, more channels, more battles, more products etc… But the Core stayed the same. An app where people can learn from the other, where people can follow channel owners like myself to get experience about the market or simply copy trades.
    In Bux X you can also use a multiplyer ranging from 2 up to 30 on some products, could be useful to make money faster or lose it faster also.
    It is really worth some time to chekc it out.

  2. Bux Zero, An app where you can buy stocks, etf’s without paying fees if you want. It has a larger amount of products to trade then Bux X but lacks any form of community.
    But useful if you simply wanna invest your savings and don’t wanna pay commission to a bank or investment company.
    If you wanna set order or buy stocks at a given price they charge a small commission.
    They add new stocks all the time, and there is a form where you can request them.

  3. Bux Crypto, Although not really an app (yet) there is a website that displays like an app, where you currently can buy 14 crypto’s, one of them is there own Bux token.
    It is the latest Bux product added last year and still expanding, with there own community on telegram.

Hope that helps new people a bit :grin:


I read that they are planning a Bux Crypto app in Q4 2021, however i hope they integrate the Bux Crypto app into the Bux Zero app, I would love to trade crypto and buy stocks with the gains. This would deliver a simple and elegant way to further diversify your portfolio.
and if i might add to your post: the Bux Token is also available on Pancakeswap, you can buy it with almost any top crypto, and if you want you can use it to farm for around 180% APY.