Bux zero design refresh anouncement

When you are a Bux zero user you probably have seen the email about the Bux zero refresh. Im a Bux zero user and somehow really excited for the refresh. What do you guys think that they are going to change to the platform?

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I did not get this email (which date is it so i can check if i did receive it!).If i won’t be able to find it i am still curious about the content! educate me :slight_smile: !

Hey Cobalt, welcome to the forum! Would you mind switching to English so that all BUX members can follow your conversation here? :slight_smile:


Oh sorry! i read it was supposed to be in English so my mistake! Also good to know this is a good way of getting your attention :stuck_out_tongue:

One feature that i have opted for and of which I believe it would be very useful, is an (optional) notes field / or adding sticky notes to your watch list.

Would be great to note down my opinion/expectation/approach plan for future actions, possibly and preferably on stock level.

What do you think?



interesting feature i must say, one qeustion about it. Are the notes meant to be personal and just for yourself or also for others such as BUX itself?

very curious.


I really like this idea in both the situations. Either have a flag with it for public or private comment. Although public notes would also need moderation.

Maybe there is way where one could click on a link at a stock and directly open the topic about that stock on this forum where everyone is publicly discussing it. That would allow for more integration with the forum as well.


They can also make sure those notes are just part of this community and it can be shared. the more people there are the more it will be moderated right? also in the app can just be for personal notes!

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yeah i also thought of that. i often forget why i bought a stock, it would be great to put the reasons for the stock in some kind of notes

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Yeah I read the e-mail and I am curious too, as I find the app quite nice in its simplicity haha. And I love that you are able to choose your own theme.

When they wrote that the user experience remains the same I guess it will only be esthetic changes. Hopefully the app will also be accessible for investors with visual impairments.


Personal only I would say… I’m a beginner and would love to keep my stupid assumptions and strategies for myself :wink:

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