BUX Zero - First impressions of New Look

So, the new look was launched recently and I thought it could be beneficial for the developers to have our feedback. I will start here.

:heavy_plus_sign: More professional color scheme
:heavy_plus_sign: The font supports this professionality
:heavy_plus_sign: I like the smaller font in the ‘Positions’-area
:heavy_plus_sign: The pages for a specific position look better in balance

:heavy_minus_sign: Total Account box need a bit refining for my feeling. The total sum is printed too small and also the info-reel feels out of proportion.


I really dig the new look & style.
It looks way more professional and the font is more relaxing to the eye.

Only thing I would like to see is: to have more colour variations. Now it is only white-red or black-red but for example I would like to have it white-green or black-gold. But this is probably something they will add later-on.

Overall, pretty good keep the good work up :+1:


I agree, it looks a lot cleaner and more professional.

However, ( and I’m probably gonna sound very sour right now), I’m looking forward more to actual improvements in functionalities and bug fixes. The app is insanely basic. I can see how this attracts beginners to the app, but it would also be nice to see improvements so more experienced users will keep using the app.


de nieuwe look is inderdaad veel profesioneler, zakelijker en daarom ook minder aantrekkelijk als de vorige. Van mij mag het rode blok weer terug naar de gradient kleur voorheen. Dan heb je mix van zakelijke layout van de rest maar blijf je de moderne app look behoud.en


I feel the same. I mostly like the new font, because now I can actually read the entire name of my ETF’s for example. But I would like to see some new features, like maybe a more historical view/graph of the positions and/or total value. Also, the current graphs are very basic: sure they give some idea on what is going on but they for sure could be a bit more ‘pro’ :wink:


While I like the layout, the red color is actually a bad choice.

First thing my GF said when she saw the color: Oh no, your portfolio is in the red!

The “old” purple was much better.


I could be colorblind, but isn’t it more a pink’ish color? I thought women loved that :thinking:

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Hi everyone,

I am Jens, Chief of Staff at BUX. Thanks for all your input and taking the time to comment! Glad to see the majority likes it :slight_smile:

We will take the feedback into consideration, and a quick sneak peak: We are already working hard on some of the other requests you mentioned like improved functionalities also for more experienced investors, update of the portfolio page and others! Stay tuned!



Hi Jens,

good to hear that you are working on other updates that have been suggested. I don’t know if this has already been suggested, but I would also like to see a % profit/loss on your total portfolio. Now you can only see the daily margins in % but the total profit/loss is only in absolute €. Might be nice to also see this in %.


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Hi @jensBUX thanks for letting us know. It’s really nice to hear that BUX is engaged with the community. My compliments to you and the team! Not many organisations do that nowadays.

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@anon67361218 Thanks, really appreciate the kind words!

Voor mij mag het terug naar de vorige… De nieuwe is minder goed leesbaar, te kleine letters ook. Ook de kleur… mwah…


Pink color reminds me period apps :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I would appreciate note US or EU next my shares. I keep open shares even when market is closed because I don’t remember what is US or EU. And % I would like green when it is + and red when it is -

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