Buy/Sell of the day

Hi everyone,

In here you can post your buys and sells of the day.

• Promotion of your stocks is not allowed
• You can explain why you bought or sold your stock
• Everyone has his/her own strategy and opinion, be
open-minded towards each other



@Fergus something like this all good?

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Buy: Carnival Corp. [CCL] , Corsair Gaming [CRSR] , Daqo New Energy Corp. [DQ]

Sell: Microsoft [MSFT]

Took profit of Microsoft today to get money ready for a correction and buy some dips today. In my opinion large cap stocks overvalued at the moment (p/e 30-40+). Might buy back in after a correction.

Bought dip on Carnival Corp looks oversold atm.

Bought more of CRSR (forward p/e of 15 as a fast growing company and industry)

Bought dip on DQ (solar/green energy stock).


Great post @Frisoke! :star_struck:

I haven’t bought or sold stocks today, but here are my latest transactions:

I sold my BlackBerry stocks a couple of weeks ago because I had a chance to sell them with 100%. I’m also investing in the L&G Cyber Security ETF that also consists of BlackBerry, so I rather have that one.

I recently bought Prosus because I think that this stock can be a powerful one in the future. Like we discussed in this topic, Prosus is undervalued atm and they are having a large and diverse portfolio.


My latest transaction was:

Buy: EDF

Very nice P/B

They are making the energy transition atm but they do have lots of nuclear energy and go very well. They look very undervalued compared to the other utilities.

Sell: E.on (owner of Essent and other companies like this)

Took my profit on E.on 20%. in 7 months is very much for a very stable utilitie like this one. e.on did make a lot more progress than EDF. They sold the ‘Grey industrie’ in Uniper. In 2016 and they bought Innogy from RWE that’s a real green company but they were to expensive IMO and I think EDF is just way to cheap compared to E.on. So took my profit and changed these 2 utilities with each other

Maybe we can introduce Stock of the day. If anyone feels free to tell about a stock fancy. (Can be wallet or a nice stock but you don’t have it yet) so we can learn of it and have some nice ideas

I will Start

My stock of the day is NN group and I will tell you guys why

With the potential upcoming interest Raise, I think it is a very nice stock. I think they are cheapest in the sector. They make a lot of profit pay a good dividend and have share buy-backs they are also growing in Europe they bought a part of medlife and lately they bought a Dutch insurance company. NN group is a defensive insurance company. Instead Aegon which is a bit more offensive minded.


Good one @DaveyV19! Maybe it’s nice to make a separate topic to discuss “stock of the day”? So we can use this topic to inform each other of what we have bought or sold that day :hugs:

That’s a good one!

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My latest transaction is Prosus. I bought more yesterday at 72 euro. Unfortunately, it crashed again today but I’m sure that the Chinese market will recover again.

Yesssss I think so aswel, maybe not the next months due to china’s government atm, but u see a lot of potential in the next 3-5 years

Same here, adding more Alibaba en Baidu shares as they go down. Bought some $Baba yesterday @196.

Trimmed some of my Apple position right before earnings. Looking to buy back in a pullback.