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Hi everyone,

In here you can post your buys and sells of the day.

• Promotion of your stocks is not allowed
• You can explain why you bought or sold your stock
• Everyone has his/her own strategy and opinion, be
open-minded towards each other



@Fergus something like this all good?



Buy: Carnival Corp. [CCL] , Corsair Gaming [CRSR] , Daqo New Energy Corp. [DQ]

Sell: Microsoft [MSFT]

Took profit of Microsoft today to get money ready for a correction and buy some dips today. In my opinion large cap stocks overvalued at the moment (p/e 30-40+). Might buy back in after a correction.

Bought dip on Carnival Corp looks oversold atm.

Bought more of CRSR (forward p/e of 15 as a fast growing company and industry)

Bought dip on DQ (solar/green energy stock).


Great post @Frisoke! :star_struck:

I haven’t bought or sold stocks today, but here are my latest transactions:

I sold my BlackBerry stocks a couple of weeks ago because I had a chance to sell them with 100%. I’m also investing in the L&G Cyber Security ETF that also consists of BlackBerry, so I rather have that one.

I recently bought Prosus because I think that this stock can be a powerful one in the future. Like we discussed in this topic, Prosus is undervalued atm and they are having a large and diverse portfolio.


My latest transaction was:

Buy: EDF

Very nice P/B

They are making the energy transition atm but they do have lots of nuclear energy and go very well. They look very undervalued compared to the other utilities.

Sell: E.on (owner of Essent and other companies like this)

Took my profit on E.on 20%. in 7 months is very much for a very stable utilitie like this one. e.on did make a lot more progress than EDF. They sold the ‘Grey industrie’ in Uniper. In 2016 and they bought Innogy from RWE that’s a real green company but they were to expensive IMO and I think EDF is just way to cheap compared to E.on. So took my profit and changed these 2 utilities with each other

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Maybe we can introduce Stock of the day. If anyone feels free to tell about a stock fancy. (Can be wallet or a nice stock but you don’t have it yet) so we can learn of it and have some nice ideas

I will Start

My stock of the day is NN group and I will tell you guys why

With the potential upcoming interest Raise, I think it is a very nice stock. I think they are cheapest in the sector. They make a lot of profit pay a good dividend and have share buy-backs they are also growing in Europe they bought a part of medlife and lately they bought a Dutch insurance company. NN group is a defensive insurance company. Instead Aegon which is a bit more offensive minded.


Good one @DaveyV19! Maybe it’s nice to make a separate topic to discuss “stock of the day”? So we can use this topic to inform each other of what we have bought or sold that day :hugs:

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That’s a good one!


My latest transaction is Prosus. I bought more yesterday at 72 euro. Unfortunately, it crashed again today but I’m sure that the Chinese market will recover again.

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Yesssss I think so aswel, maybe not the next months due to china’s government atm, but u see a lot of potential in the next 3-5 years

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Same here, adding more Alibaba en Baidu shares as they go down. Bought some $Baba yesterday @196.

Trimmed some of my Apple position right before earnings. Looking to buy back in a pullback.

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Bought Zooplus!

Crazy I never thought I would love cats (always dog lover, but now big time into cats!)
Really promising stocks with the growing number of pets/kittens/puppies sold during Covid period.

Company really robust, German company (always trustworthy! me saying being Dutch…).

Look at their 2nd Qtr earnings and ratio’s

My pick for the 2H 2021


I’ve been accumulating in the ETF 600 EXSA while learning what further actions to take.
I have seen that ING and ABN are still at a low from previous highs, I guess it has a potential to grow ahead in the next following months.


@movingbalance: what is yr justification for ABN? Since 2018 on the wrong side of the curve and recently not much happened with the shares…are they survivor in bigger schemes europe wide/ globally…? Have my doubts. (For chauvinistic reasons I should support the shares, but then there is “” better and bigger fish to fry!")


Rolled funds out of an Asian property REIT that was going nowhere for a long time and into VICI properties.

VICI is on a roll aquiring high quality properties (and even another REIT just now) as well as raising dividends. Despite being focussed on real estate in Las Vegas, VICI was entirely unaffected by the whole Corona pandemic.

It’s a very strong up and coming REIT which is growing fast and also aquiring properties with a very large moat.


@JPeters same here. First had an eye on MGM growth properties. Saw the merger and bought into VICI properties! One of the fastest growing REIT’s at the moment! Both companies also have a very good rating on Seeking Alpha.


You did good job.Dividend is sure good.I had the same with ASR.Rook some dividend and profits 2 months ago.


Did anyone pick up some nice stocks lately? :eyes:


Yes for sure!

Clean harbors
General electric
And bought just some more Walmart


The last few weeks I’ve been slowly taking some profits on stocks I already had. Picked up some Intel & PayPal for an initial position in the recent extended Black Friday sale. Also made an addon to my Coinbase position. How about you @Fergus?