Buy/Sell of the day

Momenteel ben ik een grotere positie aan het bouwen in Medical Properties Trust, oversold vanwege inflatievrees terwijl deze REIT flink aan het outperformen is since inception.

Daarnaast Texas Roadhouse, een snel groeiende restaurant stock zonder debt.


Hi, just started yesterday with my first 50 euro.
I bought :

ETF iShares euro stoxx 50.

I like the spreading in different companies. Just to see how it all works.



Solid pick

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Welcome @Arie-Jan! :muscle:

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What do we think of the current market situation.

Chris Vernone even expects that Apple drops to $100.

At the moment Gold seem to out perform the S&P500

I am overall bullish but I still see some high valuation in the USA especially in tech, pharma and staples. Europe looks much better although the AEX is also in some parts high priced. The start was a bit to positive but for 2023 i see a bright year

Yes please! Please do make it drop to $100 so I can pick up a world class company for cheap.

My take on the market situation: The sale is on in tech but it’s still early days, most inexperienced investors are being scared out of the market again providing us with a lot of bargains.

Been loading up on Microsoft / Amazon / Google and a tiny bit of Apple in recent time since all of them print money and are caught up in the general tech sell-off.
Eyeing some other companies as well if they drop more.