Can we get more Crypto content?

Dear BUX’ers,

I have been around the forum for quite while now. I like to see the growth news about all the new members and the weekly content with news flashes. But at the start people were more engaged in my belief with Crypto and the content of it… Like memes and news for what was ahead. Yet i do not really see activity a lot here about what is going on :sweat_smile:

Am i the only one feeling this or not…?

Can we get more content by the BUX Crypto team with weekly updates and mayor things happening in the market like in a Crypto newsflash? @Thom @Krypto-Kai @Kieran

Also i want to point out that it is not only BUX’s responibility if a forum works. Where are all you crypto fanatics ?? :stuck_out_tongue:


I see the BUX-token isn’t doing too well since @Kieran stopped posting his memes.



When prices drop in crypto, people get a bit quiet. They’ll be back when the prices rise again. Also, Telegram is more popular among crypto fanatics.

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Waiting for interaction from the team. Tennis is a more enjoyable two player game.
@YorickBUX is ready to play again. I think he has been getting some lessons over the last few months. I’m a little concerned.

BUX oof-1628629401901


We’re here learning and working in DeFi and DAO’s active projects. It seems to be quiet times but we continue developing and growing before the bull season starts again.
“It’s like when you get prepared for the summer body during winter times” :ok_hand:

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