Coinbase listed on Nasdaq April 14th

So Coinbase just announced they will be listed on the Nasdaq exchange on April 14th (Ticker COIN).
Will they be available for purchase on the Bux platform?
Would really like to start investing in the exchange as a whole. Might take my money out of the individual (alt)coins and invest in Coinbase.

What do you think?


Hi @Daniel ,
Sounds interesting to invest in the exchange as a whole… Personally, I would’nt take all of my money out of individual altcoins though, but that’s a personal choice.

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Hey @Robby
I probably won’t take ALL my money out of the coins either, but I think it does make sense to invest in the market as a whole instead of the individual players. Cheers though!

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Is it going to be possible to invest in Coinbase stock via BUX?

Ja, dat wil ik ook graag weten!

I asked this to the support, they said it would be a month or two before it can be put up on BUX platform. Try Raison.AI or Freetrade (UK) or Saxo if you would like to look for alternatives.

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Hi all,

I am Jens, Chief of Staff at BUX. Thanks very much for your contribution to the forum and active participation - hearing your ideas helps us build the best product possible! :slight_smile:

Re new IPOs: They are always a bit tricky to list as many factors come together and we are also dependent on our partners in the background, for example for receiving market data feeds etc. But rest assured we will work hard to list these stocks as quickly as possible.


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Truly disagree on this one. This should not be considered an IPO.

Ok thank you, full FOMO :laughing:. Their timing seems pretty laggard to me.

Hi everyone,

Jens here from BUX. While @Krullenbol is right, this is not an IPO but direct listing, the underlying aspects are still very similar, we still need to receive market data etc.

But I just got the good news that we will be able to offer Coinbase rather soon after the direct listing, we will inform you within the app when it has been added.



It’s listed for 250$ by Nasdaq, curious to see what will happen in the upcoming hours and days. Not interested in buying the hype though :sweat_smile:


Thanks for the effort @jensBUX , can’t wait!

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Nou dat was snel, je kunt gaan kopen zie ik net :wink:


Alles hangt nog vast. De app, de cash… Hobbelige start haha!

Komt goed! Dat is maar af en toe :wink:

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It did save you money :laughing: , it went from 340 to 428 and dropped again to 310 haha.

Of het is een omen :laughing:. Ik heb het nog niet eerder gehad, alle transacties altijd soepel :ok_hand:t4:

Wat is jullie strategie? Meteen al gekocht of wachten? En hoelang of voor welke prijs zou je wel kopen? Persoonlijk heb ik nog geen idee…nu nog te veel hype maar is het wel een heel interessant aandeel.

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@RemonW Ik koop het voorlopig niet. Naar mijn gevoel veel hype en voor de rest baseer ik me enkel op artikels online, want ik ben vrij nieuw in de aandelen- en cryptowereld. Of dit de juiste beslissing is, zal de tijd uitwijzen :grin: grtz!

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Heb ze gekocht voor 321,- Zie wel wat het doet.

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