Day trading / Swing trading

Post here what stocks / indices etc you think look good
Whether it’s short term / medium term etc
Share ideas
Personal favourites include Twitter / Tesla / pot stocks / tech - not into forex/ commodities as much

I like Tesla, Apple and Dividenders, like Shell, on the long run

Lately been divesting into ETF’s, mostly the Dividend themed ones.


Sounds like a good way to build a sustainable portfolio - I like to split everything into 3 categories - low - medium and high risk. Low risk is my ETF / ISA account - nice return consistently 15-30% Annually with little to no management by myself. Crypto being my highest risk atm specially XRP.

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My Bux homepage.
Nio and blackberry for long term as those are meme stocks. Don’t gamble on it!

My DD has big hope for
TUI (they not pay dividend this year but will do it again in future)
SHELL (No explain needed)
Wereldhave (shorted and way undervalued, and good payout (dividend or REIT, it works for me)

Hey AlexjeBoo, thanks for sharing! However, we don’t want people to share their portfolio balances. This is also for your own protection. We hope you understand :slight_smile:

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Thank you Kai :grinning:
Off course i understand thank you for that!

Hi. Why is that. I’m a real novice. But I’m trying to understand

I’m looking at Air France/KLM for the short term. Expecting to see a rise to 5.106 and then hopefully down to about 4.686. That’s where I’ll be buying.

Churchill corparation iv

Is the one i like…
Has a great future!!!

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What to you all think about Galapagos? 75% down…

Zeer verhoogd risico aandeel… verdiep in de reden van deze grote daling. Vizier is helemaal op Toledo! En dat gaat nog jaren duren. En mocht de onderzoeken tegenvallen, kan het zo nog 50% dalen.

Hi Martin. Thanks for the reply. Yeah I also heard that the pipeline is very scare. Still, I will add it to my watchlist since the upside is so high. Not a stock for now but maybe in the future…thanks

Markets are so volatile recently - what’s every expecting of the earnings this week? Tesla tonight…

Personally I hold long term investments through earnings but will not hold leveraged positions due to how high risk it can be.