Deliveroo and other food stocks

I know a post on LinkedIn about quite a failed start for Deliveroo in London. On the first day it lost about 25% of its value. The article said it is mainly because investers find the variating salary for the workers to dangerous.

What are your thoughts in this case and also what do you think about stocks like Deliveroo or Thuisbezorgd?

I don’t invest myself in Deliveroo but the article stood out for me.

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Nice topic! Not investing in Deliveroo/Just Eat Takeaway/Delivery Hero, but think it’s a very interesting (and competitive) market. Apart from the contract issue for their deliverers, another problem I see is scale. Margins are very small in this business and It might turn out to be a ‘winner takes it all’ market eventually. Also I’m curious to see how these companies will perform post-COVID. Or are we already seeing that now? With the both Just Eat and Delivery Hero having a bad start of 2021 and investors clearly not warming up to Deliveroo (yet).


Can you talk about this kind of market happenings/influences in one of tour met broadcasts? I am quote interested


For what I heard, the argument of commentators was that “Deliveroo was also punished by investors for using legal constructs to pay delivery drivers below minimum wage”.

Which, given the lawsuits Deliveroo had in the Netherlands, I don’t find weird.