Dividend Overview


I would be nice to have a overview in the account of the Total paid dividend.
Also per share how manny dividends have you received.

Currently the dividend are shown in the transaction overview.


Agree. Scrolling through all the history for this information is not ideal.

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Completely agree.
Also, it would be nice if on the annual overview of received dividends, it would show the total amounts you received in euro. US dividends are mentioned on it in USD, but in the notification the euro amount is there, so I’d think this could easily be put into the overview. After all, it’s that net amount I received that I’ll be taxed on here.

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Hi @yohhst thank you for your feedback! My colleagues are going to look into your suggestion and I will update you when they let me know :blush:

Hi all! after your suggestions, we will like to know your feedback about this possibility to show a better insight into the portfolio :blush: