Dividend terugboeking

Ik zie de laatste tijd vaker dat er dividend wordt uitgekeerd en dan weer terug geboekt en opnieuw uitgekeer, soms hetzelfde bedrag (VanEck Morningstar developed Markets dividend leaders) of een hoger bedrag zoals vandaag (Arch Resources) hoe kan dit gebeuren?

Goedemorgen @Sarglt, I hope you don’t mind me answering in English. :slight_smile:

Sometimes dividends are indeed paid twice, like shown in the picture below for ARCH Resources.

Moreover, it can happen that dividends can be booked back and paid out again because a wrong tax was applied.

These two are the most common reasons. In short, sometimes we need to make some corrections and other times the payment is simply planned twice, but at the end you will always receive the correct amount! :raised_hands:t2:


This is not unique to BUX, DeGiro also has periods where they are messing around with dividend payments and so does SAXO (to a lesser extent, but then again you pay a monthly fee for using that broker).

Thanks. In case of Arch in the picture I see there are 2 payments so that makes sense then but it was a few days apart and I saw the first payment was pulled back and then booked again with the two payments combined.
What would happen if there is not enough funds available for the pull back?
I have a small account so if I have enough to buy another stock, based on dividends I receive, I do. But that could then mean that there is no funds available for the pullback.
In this case it didn’t happen but what would be the consequences if that happens?

Hey @Sarglt, that’s an interesting question. If there’s not enough cash available for the reverse (pullback), then most likely we would take the money back as soon as you make a new deposit/you receive a new dividend. It could also be that we would contact you via email. it depends on the situation, such as how much money are involved, if we can fix the amount without taking back the dividend, etc.

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