Earnings/Dividend Calendar

Let me first start of saying that I’m really glad that the Earnings/Dividend Calendar was added, that was a long overdue feature to be honest.

HOWEVER, in it’s current iteration it’s only half useful since it seems to list dividend dates of ALL stocks, rather then the ones you actually own.

Perhaps we can get a “mini” dividend calendar in our portfolio view showing only the dividends of the stocks we own, not all of them.

Additionally, please make sure that your dividend calendar is not based on the ex-dividend date (rather useless) but the actual PAY date so we can see when we will actually receive the dividend.



I like the Corporate Actions list in your portfolio at one of the Bux competitors. On the ex-date the to be received dividend is added to the list. It is removed from this list again at the payout moment. Would love to see something like this on Bux!


Well, basically the way DeGiro and former Binck had it where your upcoming dividend payments are displayed on your porfolio page.

Binck has now gone to Saxo and their app in terms of clarity for dividends is one big disaster.


Hi @JPeters and @Jim, thank you guys for the feedback! I forwarded the feedback to our Product Team :pray:t4: Really like the “mini” dividend calendar idea and Corporate Actions list :smiley: