Earth Day MGM Promo - A free ETF to celebrate Earth Day 2022 🎉

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Caring for our planet is a responsibility we all have to share. That’s why when you share BUX Zero with a friend this week, we’ll reward both of you with a free sustainability-focused ETF.

The ETF we’re giving away is made up of over 100 sustainability-minded companies. Here are all the important details:

  • The US Socially Responsible ETF (iShares) from Blackrock.

  • Focus: Only contains companies with outstanding Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) ratings.

  • Omissions: This ETF contains no companies involved in weapons, tobacco, alcohol, gambling, oil & gas, coal, and other unsuitable industries.

  • Companies included: Tesla, Microsoft, Walt Disney, NVIDIA and 136 others.

You can receive up to 10 free ETFs when you invite 10 friends.

Your free ETFs will be automatically deposited into your portfolio, providing your friend creates and funds their account during the promotion period. While the promotion, like Earth Day itself, ends on 22 April at 23:59, investing in our planet is something we can do all year long.


*Terms & Conditions.


thank you for sharing, Fergus! :dancer: promo runs until this Friday!