End of Summer! 📣

Heya Buxersss,

The summer has officially ended and I would like to know how did you experience the summer? What did you do to relax or have you used your time to gain (even) more investing knowledge?

I’m curious about your adventures!

I’ll start. I spend my summer working, wakeboarding and attending festivals such as Dekmantel and Lago Lago :man_dancing:t3:. To finish the holidays in style I planned a trip to Zakynthos, Greece :greece:. Now I’m back and fully focused again on bringing BUX to a higher level :crossed_fingers:t2:!


Sounds good, Bengt! Went to Thailand myself and did some citytrips. Let’s see what the rest of the year holds for us!

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Hi, started shortly with a small investmentplan right before the holiday on Crete (Greece). Did a lot of reading and saw my investment slowly growing. Learned a lot and will see how it plays out.



Awesome! Hopefully 2022 will play out well for you and your investment plans :). Have you already explored our own Knowledge Centre?


Hey @Bengt ! Sounds like you had a top summer

I spent the most of it in the Netherlands as well, going to a few nice festivals and enjoying the unusual and warm Dutch sun that felt amazing. Went to Italy for a while and last week I went to the north of Spain and surfed for the first time. Pretty cool :surfing_woman:t2: I am now enjoying the last week of summer working remotely from France and getting mentally ready for the Dutch weather haha :cold_face:


Hello everybody,

It seems like BUX forum is in a Sleep mode but I would like to reach out to my fellow BUX members and ask how are you all doing lately. On the stock market and real life. Let me know. And Ofcourse feel free to share your good and bad decisions you have made lately


Hey @DaveyV19 very caring of you to put this shout out! Investing/trading this year has been a real challenge tbh, obviously related to a lot of macro conditions, but certaintly 2022 has been an intense year for many. From a BUX perspective although we haven’t been shouting things from the rooftops we’re all busy working to complete some key projects. Things like improving the tax reporting for Belgian clients, extended market hours, and varios improvements with payment options in the app. The year is flying by, so in the next months many of the company will be taking time to visit family and enjoy the Christmas period, then back to tackle a new year.


That sounds really lovely! Well deserved holiday. It was a tough year for BUX and they lost great people like Fergus and Benny. We still miss them. I would love the see after the holiday break that BUX add some extra Exchanges, for example the Swiss and British exchanges. And focus less on crypto