ETF - more details before investment


I just start on BUX and I would like to have information about ETF’s before buy them.
For example, I check Cybersecurity and data privacy ETF (Rize) but on the App there is no ISIN Number
I finally find it one the Key Investor Information.
I try to get info on morningstar web site with this number, and I get 7 EFT with this name / this ISIN.

As the one on BUX is in EURO, I can reduce the selection, but there are still 4 ETF.
Which one is the one I will by on BUX application ?

Thanks for your help


Exchange Currency Listing Date SEDOL Bloomberg Ticker RIC
Borsa Italiana EUR 25-Feb-20 BKPCCQ0 CYBR IM CYBR.MI
Deutsche Börse Xetra EUR 17-Feb-20 BJXRZL6 RCRS GY RCRS.DE
Euronext Amsterdam EUR 15-Feb-21 BLH1VX2 CYBR NA RCRS.AS
London Stock Exchange USD 17-Feb-20 BJXRZM7 CYBR LN CYBR.L
London Stock Exchange GBP 17-Feb-20 BK5TNQ8 CYBP LN CYBP.L
SIX Swiss Exchange CHF 09-Jul-20 BJXRZN8 CYBR SE CYBR.S

Info can be found :

The one on Bux zero uses:

The ISIN: IE00BJXRZJ40 ← it is on the bottom of the info page when you click essential information :wink:


Hello @Betguardian,

thanks for your anwser.

Sorry but I don"t understand the link between my question and the listings you sent…

Indeed, as I also mentioned in my initial message, the ISIN is available in the App …
FYI you can also find it on the website, copy past in google and get some infos about the ETF