ETFs disappearing from Bux Zero

Hey everyone, I noticed some ETFs that I had on my watchlist have disappeared (one of them a DAX ETF). What happened to it? I thought ETFs were added all the time but actually I feel there’s less now than there were before? Another one I cannot find anymore on the ETF search page is one that I already own (Asia Pacific excl Japan) of iShares. There’s only a Vanguard one for Asia Pacific, unless I’m overlooking something.

Does this mean I can still buy more of the iShares one because I already own it, but people who don’t have it yet can’t?

I’m confused.

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Good morning @yohhst, do you mean the Germany DAX 30 Index ETF (iShares)? You can find The Emerging Markets Asia Pacific exl. Japan (iShares) ETF in our app.

We are planning on adding more ETFs on BUX Zero later today. So that’s should ensure that everything should be visible! :smiley:


Hey @Fergus yes that German DAX is the one I was referring to. How come it’s gone?

Concerning the Asia Pacific ETf the one showing up now in the ETF page is different from the one I own (see screenshot). The one I have is with lots of Australian and Hong Kong banks, not the one with emerging markets.

Is the Asia Pacific iShares one still there somewhere for other users who don’t already own it? Or are there more ETFs than those shown on the ETF page? The only Asia Pacific one shown there is a Vanguard one.

But happy to hear more ETFs to be added today :slight_smile: hopefully not all distributing ones… Belgium government doesn’t like us getting dividends much. :frowning:

Bux should really include the ticker symbol for every ETF and stock, it would have made it way easier to post my question and for you to check, and make it clear to users what exactly they’re buying (for example when there’s different stock classes for a company etc). The ETF pages at least used to have them but since more info on dividends etc was added, these ticker symbols also were removed unfortunately. They should really be there for every stock and ETF, I feel. It’s just better for transparency from the viewpoint of the user. Being able to search stocks by ticker symbol would be a nice feature too.

Hi @yohhst Yes, I can totally imagine that ticker symbols make it easier for our users. I noted your feedback and will tell our team :smiley:

Concerning the ETFs I think that they were testing the ETFs on the app, they shouldn’t have been visible during the weekends because the release date is set today I guess.

Let me check this for you! Because all 4 Asia ETFs should be available for everyone when you fill in ‘Asia’ in the search bar :smiley:

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Hey @Fergus the helpdesk (who I had messaged over the weekend) just replied and said not all ETFs are available in every country on Bux Zero. The one I bought should have been blocked for Belgium, but it was technically not possible yet back then. Is it a problem that I own it if it can’t be sold here? :grin::grin::grin:

That kinda sucks though, because it’s a UCITS ETF. Any idea why this and other ETFs might be blocked from being sold in some Bux markets? We are all EU countries, after all… Are these decisions made by Bux, or is it due to market regulations imposed by countries (Belgium, in this case)?

Does the same apply for stocks?

These products are advertised on the Bux website, but I didn’t read anywhere that not all products would be available in every country where Bux operates.

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Hi @yohhst, that’s right indeed. Sorry, I thought that you were located in The Netherlands! But that makes sense, think it shouldn’t be a problem but it sucks for you that you are owning that specific ETF while you can’t sell it. And yes it’s due to market regulations.

All the stocks that we offer should be available in all countries :smiley:

Good one, let me check this for you. Otherwise, it would be nice to mention on our website :ok_hand:t4:

Hi @Fergus . Wait, I will not be able to sell these ETFs, should I want to ?! I think maybe 75% of my ETF allocation is in these ETFs that I now found out I should not have been able to buy here in Belgium in the first place.

I don’t want to sell them right now because they are doing well, but I mean… If the above is true and I am stuck with ETFs I can never sell again? What am I supposed to do with those?

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I meant ‘buy’ instead of ‘sell’, sorry for the confusion @yohhst :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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Oh thank God haha no worries. Small panic attack avoided.

Hopefully at some point these will be reintroduced for Belgium. They really are the best performing out of my ETFs. :four_leaf_clover:

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Hahah I’m sorry! :rofl: :innocent:

I hope so too! And keep an eye on the new ETFs that we are releasing, the first batch should available today! :grin:


Good evening. So you mean more are coming besides the one s that are just been added to the list ?

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Hi @Aquila, yes more ETFs are coming, but I don’t have the exact date yet :smiley: