Faster deposits/snellere stortingen

Hey guys, how about multiple deposit options? Mobile payment by means of a QR code so that your money is immediately transfered on to your bux account? 2 to 3 days for a transfer is quite long. Look at Binance f.e, with the banking app in less than 1 min. deposit money to invest immediately. Due to the slow transfer system of Bux, I have already missed a few dips to buy.

Hey guys, wat dachten jullie van meerdere stortingsopties? Mobiel betalen dmv een QR code zodat je geld meteen op je bux account staat? 2 tot 3 dagen voor een overschrijving is best wel lang. Kijk naar Binance bv, met de bancontact app op 1 min. geld storten om meteen te investeren. Door het trage overschrijvingssysteem v Bux heb ik al heel wat dips gemist om aandelen bij te kopen.

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Gaat storten via Tikkie niet direct dan?

Volgens mij is dat alleen in Nederland, geloof ik.

Ik denk niet dat we dat hebben in België.

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Hi there!

Great question and I agree that it would be great to have more and faster payment options. Rest assured that we are looking into this :+1:

BUX Zero
Currently we have instant deposits through Tikkie (available in NL only).
Open banking transfers are usually credited to your account within less than 1 business day. They can take a maximum of 2 business days though. German users can use Safeconnect for their open banking transfers.

BUX Crypto
Here we offer iDeal (NL users only) and Credit Card (Mastercard & VISA) as instant payment methods :white_check_mark:
Open banking transfers through SEPA are usually quite fast as well (1 to 2 business days). With these transfers, please don’t forget to add your unique reference code in the description when sending your payment :crazy_face:
On the Crypto side, we are working on additional payment options as well. And of course, we hope to open up crypto deposits and withdrawals in the near future again.




Would also love to see credit card or PayPal in the BUX Zero