Fergus and I hosted our first BUX Event! 🦋

Hi all,

Okay, the title is not completely correct, though… :slight_smile: Together, with our “PR colleagues”, and in collaboration with the “High Tech Tea” we hosted an event at SoHo House Amsterdam about bridging the female financial literacy gap, a topic that is more important than ever. It’s been two years of no events and being locked in the house, so this event was a breath of fresh air for our team!

We thought you might be interested in a little peek behind-the-scenes of what went into this evening. Fergus and I were tasked with showcasing all the biggest moments on our social channels including an interview with Dutch Minister of Finance, Sigrid Kaag, panel discussions and more. . To capture the evening, we made a complete playbook of the evening - who was in the room, what did we want to show our followers, etc. As you might have assumed we wanted it all to be PERFECT!

Preparation time! :microphone:

Event day was last Thursday, March 24th. The whole team went to the venue in true Amsterdam fashion - by bike and enjoyed the sunny weather! :bike:

When we arrived, we met Soho House’s organizing team. To my delight, it turned out that the team was Italian, so I knew for sure that the food would be delicious - really patriotic :it:. Afterward, we made sure that everything looked fabulous and worked properly (mic check 1,2,1,2, @Fergus gave us a few bars on the mic so you can imagine how awkward and funny that moment was). Next up was a team dinner before the guests started to arrive. A quick bite from the local supermarket gave us the boost we needed to be event-ready. Sushi time. And then, in a blink of an eye, the guests were there. It was amazing to have people gathering again and to see everyone bring out their finest for the evening --heels, sparkling dresses, and most of all, a big appetite to learn about overcoming the female financial literacy gap. It was inspiring to see so many like-minded female professionals in one room, all in pursuit of empowering themselves to confidently own their financial futures. Mothers, journalists, senior executives, and even a girl who took the train all the way from Paris just to attend this important event!!

SoHo House crafted a custom cocktail for the evening - a sweet tea, gin and limoncello dream! :cocktail:

Whipped ricotta as a tasty starter! :yum:

When all our guests were settled with some drinks and appetizers it was time to kick off the panels.

18.30. SHOWTIME. :dancer: :man_dancing:

Our host for the evening, Raisa Ghazi, kicked off the event by introducing an interview with the Dutch Minister of Finance, Sigrid Kaag. The Minister shared wise words about her own experience managing finances, how she talks to her daughters about money and what the plans are to promote further financial literacy in the Netherlands.

The Dutch Minister of Finance Sigrid Kaag on the big screen.

18.50. KEEPING UP WITH THE FIRST PANEL. :star_struck:

The first panel was incredible and everyone in the audience had their eyes glued on Angelika Dehmel, Marianne Brujin, and Lieke Danenberg, who spoke about the digital and mental habits you can put into practice to increase your financial literacy. Little example? One of these three super women has a weekly meeting with her husband to talk about their home finances - treat your home like a business!S I took away some very valuable insights that I can apply to my daily routine. Manifesting your financial goals is a great start, but of course you actually have to DO SOMETHING :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Our panelists shared several useful tips for being on top of your finances.

19.50. SHARING IS CARING :brown_heart:

To keep the discussion going, the second panel focused on what role fintech will play in helping to increase financial literacy in the future. The three panelists Bianca Zwart, Pim Hannay, and Jeanine Van Munster did an amazing job and received several thoughtful questions from the audience.

Bianca Zwart, Pim Hannay and Jeanine Van Munster between laughs.

20.30 DRINK TIME & ITALIAN FOOD. :it: :spaghetti:

White wine, risotto allo zafferano, burrata, chatting with people, music in the background… that was just the icing on the cake of an already perfect night. This made me realize how wonderful it is to share experiences, thoughts, and ideas with other women who are motivated to take control of their finances. I feel honored to be able to have attended an event like this, where I not only learned a lot, but I also had the opportunity to chat with other female professionals about their personal journeys. I also received suggestions about my personal financial situation, living as a young professional in another country far from home - this has it’s challenges!

But coming back to the event, I really do believe that the key of the event was the TRUTH at the core of the dialogue. The panelists were open about their personal lives and candid about the challenges they’ve faced. This brought down the walls between the audience and the interviewees.

Great to see that our guests were having some fun!

Everyone looked so lovely! :heart_eyes:

Recap video of the event! :film_strip:

Our PR team is already busy planning away for our next events! And we would love to hear your ideas!

If you’d like to see more of this kind of content feel free to visit our global BUX Instagram page and/or Dutch Instagram channel. We have more BUX events coming up which we will report on through our Instagram stories, so make sure to follow! :pray:

See you next time! :wave:t4:

Benny’s column :cherry_blossom:


It was such an amazing event! Thank you so much for your column Benny. WE WANT MORE of this!! :pray:t4: :brown_heart:


Wow Benny :star_struck:! What a great event :clinking_glasses: congratulations!


SUCH a cool event- well done @BenedettaBUX & @Fergus


you the best!! Thanks Fergus :muscle:


Hi Sulhie!! Yes it was a truly success, looking forward for what’s next :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you a lot @Stockinthemiddle!! It was really inspiring :wink:


Yeah i can understand why you found it an amazing event with all those women there :eyes:

But jokes aside, it looks great :muscle:t2: What will the next event be?


For the moment, it is still top secret :shushing_face: @Kuike



How have you been? ? I spoke with @Fergus today online through zoom and we spoke about the event a bit aswell.

Sadly i was not there :frowning: i like these kind of things. But what a nice post!

Also i love the video with Sigrid Kaag, just saw it on Youtube.

I would personally like more of these events ,live and online, and also attend them


I don’t like secrets :unamused: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just wow what an amazing event! :fire::fire::fire:


Hey @Cobalt :smiling_face: here is all good what about you? We definitely do more often events like this one, so, you can bet that we will keep you posted :sunglasses:


it wasssss :fire: :sunglasses: thanks a lot @Cornel