Football fans where you at! ⚽

Hi everyone,

I know that we have a lot of community members from different countries. So, I was wondering are there any football fans in here? I’m a huge fan of FC Utrecht :smiley:

And who do you think is going to win the Champions League this year?


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Ha Ajax fan here.

I think it will be Man City.

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Haha nice to have some rivalry on the community forum, from a Utrecht fan perspective though :wink:

Good one! I go for PSG, to be honest… think Mbappe can’t be stopped :grin:


AZ Alkmaar supporter here​:ok_hand:t3:! Also big Real Madrid supporter so hopefully they will win the UCL once again :wink:

PSV here! I think PSG is gonna take this year’s CL edition. Attackers are unstoppable.

Same, think tonight’s game is going to be fantastic though. Would love to see Kevin de Bruyne shine tonight :star_struck:

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@Fergus kijk jij hebt er verstand van!:grin: Hier ook een FC Utrecht fan

Ik zelf denk PSG, als zij wel hun niveau halen.

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@Cornel Uuuuuuu :wink: So the Champions League final will be Real vs PSG? :smirk:

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Ja dat denk ik wel, al wordt het nog wel een spannend potje met real - Chelsea.