Fractional ETF's

Hi, is it possible to buy fractional ETF’s with BUX? If so what is the lowest amount?

Hi @SAW56cur we first want to give everyone the opportunity to buy fractional shares with BUX Zero. Not sure yet if ETFs will follow. When I have more information on this I will let you know immediately :smiley:

Hi its SAW56cur again here. I noticed this message on the BUX Zero website. It really covers my argument for fractional ETF’s for young Dutch investors who invest for the longer period!

So again please make fractional ETF’s trading possible with BUX Zero! ETF’s.

Beleg je voor de lange termijn?

Met BUX Zero kun je ETF’s kopen.

ETF’s zijn voorgeselecteerde mandjes met beleggingsproducten, zoals bijvoorbeeld aandelen.

Hiermee kun je al met kleine bedragen beleggen in soms wel honderden verschillende bedrijven tegelijk en dat tegen lage kosten.

Zo kun jij je portfolio spreiden, zelfs met een bescheiden budget.

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Thanks and I want to stress the point that being able to trade in fractional ETF’s gives the Dutch younger investors the possibility to start trading for the longer term using the Dollar Cost Averaging Strategy and profit from compounding while also being able to rebalance their portfolio along the way. :yum:

The following fractional ETFs are available, per this support article:

The ETFs that are currently available for fractional ETFs are:

  • All World Dividend ETF (Vanguard)
  • All World Index ETF (Lyxor)
  • All World MSCI Core ETF (iShares)
  • All World Socially Responsible ETF (Lyxor)
  • Automation & Robotics ETF (iShares)
  • Cybersecurity and Data Privacy ETF (Rize)
  • Cybersecurity ETF (L&G)
  • Emerging Markets All World ETF (iShares)
  • Emerging Markets Asia Pacific (Excl. Japan) ETF (i
  • EU Dividend ETF (iShares)
  • EU Top 50 Index ETF (iShares)
  • EU Top 600 Index ETF (iShares)
  • Europe Banking Sector ETF (iShares)
  • Europe Dividend ETF (SPDR)
  • Europe Socially Responsible ETF (Lyxor)
  • Healthcare Innovation ETF (iShares)
  • Nasdaq 100 Index ETF (iShares)
  • Netherlands 25 Index ETF (VanEck)
  • S&P 500 Index ETF (Vanguard)
  • UK FTSE 100 Index ETF (Xtrackers)
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