Fractional investing is now live on BUX Zero!

Hi everyone :wave:t4:

I’m super happy to announce that our big fractional investing update is live on BUX Zero! :star_struck:

This was a long requested feature by our amazing BUX Community and our team worked extremely hard to make it happen :smiley:

About fractional investing

Fractional investing is an exciting innovation that lets you invest any amount in a stock, regardless what the share price is - starting from just €10.

Now, instead of being tied to a certain share price, you can now decide how much you want to invest in a company.

Friendly note: You guys can start buying fractionals when the US stock market opens at 03:30 CET

Want to learn more about fractional investing? Please check out our blog here!

If you have any questions and/or feedback please let us know on our BUX Community Forum. Our team would love to receive feedback and to hear what you all think of the big update! :pray:t4:

And not to forget a big shout out to everyone who requested this update and was sticking with us during this journey. So many great updates are coming in 2022 and the year has just started…. :smiley:

I see you all soon with more BUX news :rocket:



YESSSS, Lets go!


FINALLY, something that really sets BUX apart from all the other brokers available here in Europe.

Will be diving into the blog article for the details as we speak :slight_smile:

Does it work on a stock like MercadoLibre also, or is there a list of stocks you currently offer somewhere?


Congrats on the roll out! :partying_face::sparkles:

A very important feature for many people!


Congratulations! Big step in the right direction.


So happy this is finally live! I have been waiting eagerly for this feature since first signing up for BUX in the summer of 2020 :partying_face:


Another milestone for Bux Zero! Congrats team! :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


Fantastische stap vooruit. Ga zo door.
O ja…en nog de beste wensen voor een gezond en voorspoedig jaar.


Great news!

If I may: I have a request right away haha. I noticed the stocks available for fractional shares are mostly all high growth stocks in the tech sector. Personally, this does not fit my investment strategy. Therefore I’d like to inform if there are possibility to also add dividend stocks to the fractional shares. I am mainly looking to add AMT (American Tower) or LMT (Lockheed Martin) via fractionals. This allows for better DCA into stocks with a price tag of $250+


LMT is a very good choice :slight_smile:

If we are making requests, MercadoLibre also please!


+1 for AMT. I’ve got my eye on that one too :slightly_smiling_face:

And luxury companies like LVMH or Kering would be cool. Their stocks are a bit pricey…


Hello, thanks for this news
Happy new year too !!

One question : where can I find the list of actions that accept Factional investing

On the app, there is a link but it gives an error message
buxstocks://search/tag/fractional => ERR_UNKNOW_URL_SCHEME
(APP in french)


Hi @Ataridos,

Happy New Year to you too! There was indeed a bug with the link in the app that takes you to the fractionals list. Is it working for you now again?


Hi @dint ,

Thanks for your input!

I am Jens and I lead Strategy and Operations here at BUX, happy to answer your request! :slight_smile: We will be continuously expanding our fractional offering and it should soon cover the majority of all US ISINs that we offer, and then as a first in Europe, we will be tackling EU shares as well :slight_smile:

Happy investing!


Really cool feature! Finally I could buy a little bit of Tesla and Apple:)


From the blog: “Let’s say you purchase 0.7 shares of Apple with BUX Zero. We might buy 1 full share on the market and credit your account with 0.7 shares. We’ll keep the remaining 0.3 on the fractional book. If someone else later orders 0.3 shares, we can sell them straight from the fractional book. Now let’s say you want to sell 1.5 Apple shares. We might sell 1 full share straight into the market, and buy the other 0.5 from you to keep on the fractional book.”

Thanks guys, I love that information!


Hi @jvpnox,

Thanks very much for sharing. It’s great to hear that you appreciate the detailed blog on fractional investing. I’ll also share with the team who wrote it!


One important thing that I am missing with this feature at the moment is that I can either choose between filling in a number of whole shares, or a euro amount of fractional shares.
There is no option to fill in a dollar amount, nor to choose an amount of fractional shares like for example 0,8 shares of Microsoft.

In my case, I have tried it out by buying €48,20 of Starbucks shares (the remaining cash reserve in my portfolio). This equalled to 0,50001 shares of the stock.
Let’s say that I’d like to round this up to a whole share later, there is currently no way that I can buy the remaining 0,49999 easily. I could try to guess the euro amount at a certain moment, but I’m basically guaranteed to get it wrong due to fluctuations in the stock price ànd the dollar-euro conversion…
We are in other words doomed to always have fractions of a share left over, once we start buying a euro amount of a stock instead of whole shares :sweat_smile:
I hope these additional options will be added soon? :blush:


Oh wow I didn’t think about that @RS27 ! Good point indeed!


Hmm, maybe they could add a “round up” button when buying, and a “round down” button when selling.