Fractional share suggestions

Hey guys,

I’ve got some suggestions for fractional share candidates.

It seems there are quite a lot of stocks like for instance Intel in the fractional share category that can easily be bought on a full share basis while the following stocks (with higher share prices) are very good fits for fractional shares but are missing:

  • Mercado Libre (MELI)
  • American Tower (AMT)
  • Lowes (LOW)
  • Crown Castle International (CCI)


  • Costco (COST)
  • Honeywell (HON)
  • Sea Limited (SE)
  • T. Rowe Price Group, Inc. (TROW)

I will add to this list when I come across new ones.


Plus one for American Tower!


@JPeters very nice suggestion!!


Costco would be nice as well!


Added Honeywell


Added Sea Limited


Added T. Rowe Price Group


Sooooo, it’s been 7 months since I’ve put in the request for these pretty well known stocks, where are we in terms of adding them as fractional shares?

Or will they be added AFTER they’ve shot back up again?

It has been extremely quiet on the fractional share front while this is one of the major USP’s of BUX (whether you realise it or not) while most PR goes into the investment plans.

When can we expect the new (large) batch of higher priced US stocks to be added, I mean we have all the “shrapnell stocks” that one can easily buy outright because they are under €50 in fractional form which makes no sense. Meanwhile the higher priced stocks that are ideal for fractional shares are still missing.

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@elissa : Can you get back on the above please?


Dear @JPeters,

Apologies that no one of BUX got back to you. We will pick up your and all other requests for fraction offering in this thread immediately and will let you know when the counterparty of the fractions is able to offer these securities.

We really appreciate you taking the effort of posting these suggestions here, so keep them coming and we will make sure that it is picked up.


Good news: We will add the requested shares for fractional trading before the end of next week.


That is great news! It’s been a while but better late then never :smiley:

I will add further suggestions in this thread should I find them.


@Leander Are we still on track adding these shares before the end of Today?
I’d like to open a position in Costco early next week as it’s dropped right onto it’s 5 year fair value line.

Good morning @JPeters,

Just got of the phone with our fraction partner (AACB). Unfortunately because of the multiple outages they had last week the they need a bit more time. I will keep pushing them to have these stocks added to their fractions offering asap and I will keep you posted as soon as I know which day they will become active.

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@Leander thanks for checking this and the updated, please do @ me indeed when you know the day they’ll be added. Hopefully it will still be at a nice market price for Costco :slight_smile:

Good afternoon @JPeters,

We did not forget about your request. We are still waiting for confirmation from our fractions trading partner (ABNC) that they have added the requested securities (the normally do this once a month, but unfortunately they had to skip one month).

The good news is the list that will be added this month is growing. This is the next batch that will be available for fraction trading:

IE00BK5BQT80 Vanguard FTSE All-World (Acc)
DE0002635299 iShares STOXX Europe Select Dividend 30
DE000A0F5UK5 iShares STOXX Europe 600 Basic Resources
DE000A0H08M3 iShares STOXX Europe 600 Oil & Gas
IE00B02KXK85 iShares China Large Cap
IE00B1FZSF77 iShares US Property Yield
IE00B27YCK28 iShares MSCI EM Latin America
IE00B53L4X51 iShares FTSE MIB
IE00B53SZB19 iShares Nasdaq 100
IE00B5BMR087 iShares Core S&P 500
IE00BGDPWW94 iShares MSCI Europe SRI
IE0005042456 iShares Core FTSE 100
IE00B0M63060 iShares UK Dividend
IE00B14X4M10 iShares MSCI North America
IE00B1FZS244 iShares Asia Property Yield
IE00B2NPKV68 iShares J.P. Morgan USD Emerging Markets Bond
IE00B2QWDY88 iShares MSCI Japan Small Cap
IE00B3B8Q275 iShares Euro Covered Bond
IE00B4MKCJ84 iShares S&P 500 Materials Sector
IE00B52SFT06 iShares MSCI USA
IE00B539F030 iShares MSCI UK
IE00B6TLBW47 iShares J.P. Morgan USD EM Corporate Bond
IE00B6X2VY59 iShares EUR Corporate Bond Interest Rate Hedged ESG
IE00BCLWRF22 iShares MSCI EMU Large Cap
IE00BCRY5Y77 iShares USD Short Duration Corporate Bond
IE00BCRY6003 iShares USD Short Duration High Yield Corporate Bond
IE00BCRY6227 iShares USD Ultrashort Bond
IE00BCRY6557 iShares EUR Ultrashort Bond
IE00BF5GB717 iShares EUR Floating Rate Bond ESG
IE00BSKRK281 iShares Euro Corporate Bond BBB-BB
IE00BYM31M36 iShares Fallen Angels High Yield Corporate Bond
IE00BZ048462 iShares USD Floating Rate Bond
US74144T1088 T Rowe Price
US4385161066 Honeywell
US81141R1005 SEA Limited
US22160K1051 Costco
US22822V1017 Crown Castle International
US5486611073 Lowe’s Companies
US03027X1000 American Tower
US58733R1023 Mercado Libre

Will keep you posted when the live date is confirmed.

Have a good day.


Nice to see a million ETF’s and then my stock suggestions :smiley:

Thanks for the update, hope to pick up some of these at the end of the month from my dividend payments.
Let’s hope they are added by then.

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@Leander : Checking in again what the status is on these, we’re nearing the end of the month again and I’d like to purchase some of these with my dividends.

FYI, I see Costco, T. Rowe Price, Honeywell, American Tower and number of other products mentioned in this thread in the app now.

It’s not about whether they are in the app, it’s about them being available as fractional shares which they aren’t still :slight_smile: