Fractional share suggestions

Ahh, my bad.

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Unfortunately still no luck with our fraction partner. They have been focussing on getting their systems more stable. They will provide another update on friday :crossed_fingers:

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Can’t edit my original post anymore but perhaps we can still add this one to the list:

  • Dollar General (DG)

I can’t promise it will be included in the upcoming batch but I will do my utmost best to get it in. Will inform you when i know more.

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Added Realty Income in fractional share

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@Leander Soooooooo…How are we doing with these? :smiley:

Hi @JPeters

Sorry, I feel a bit ashamed for our partner. They still have an internal struggle and their risk department is not signing of on adding new securities to their fraction offering. Be assured that I am on top of things as far as I can influence this. It doesn’t look good for this month, so i’m not expecting any addition securities.


Hi @Leander

Well I appreciate the honesty at least but it’s a shame it’s taking so long as the stocks I requested are not going to trade downwards forever.

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Little update:

Our fraction partner is going to improve their system, which will take at least until april. Until April they will not allow any additional securities to the fraction offering.

However, one small batch was still approved, which unfortunately does not include your requested securities. This will be available for fraction trading somewhere next week.

Here is the list:

DE0002635299 iShares STOXX Europe Select Dividend 30
DE000A0F5UK5 iShares STOXX Europe 600 Basic Resources
DE000A0H08M3 iShares STOXX Europe 600 Oil & Gas
DE000A0Q4R28 iShares STOXX Europe 600 Automobiles & Parts
E0005042456 iShares Core FTSE 100
IE000I8KRLL9 iShares MSCI Global Semiconductors
IE00B4K48X80 iShares Core MSCI Europe
IE00B53QG562 iShares Core MSCI EMU
IE00B53SZB19 iShares Nasdaq 100
IE00BYZK4883 iShares Digitalisation

Have a good weekend.

The above mentioned ETFs are now available for fraction trading.

That is very very unfortunate to see ETF’s with a share price of 17 added (which you can easily buy outright) while stocks with a share price of multiple 100’s are not added.

Disappointing both as a user but also as a shareholder of BUX.

Hopefully this situation will be addressed soon and the fractional share offering reflect stocks that actually need fractional shares rather then “shrapnel” stocks one can easily buy single shares of.

Thanks for the info regardless!