Get Palantir, Live Nation, or Coinbase* for inviting friends to BUX Zero

Hi everyone!

What if you could add stocks to your portfolio that are the talk of the town? For one week only we’re giving away Palantir, Live Nation, or Coinbase* - stocks that are heavily talked about on market floors and fora. All you have to do is copy the link we’ve sent to you in your mailbox and invite your friends to BUX Zero.

Once they’ve signed up and funded their account, you’ll receive a share of Palantir, Live Nation, or Coinbase :smiley:

Don’t miss out! This offer is limited to 2000 promotional shares and only runs from Friday, May 21st until Thursday, May 27th 2021, 21:30 hrs. After promotional shares run out, random shares will be awarded. Free shares will be distributed during US market trading hours from 15:30 - 21:30 CEST.

Good Luck! :rocket:


Wow that’s a great deal if you can get coinbase! An account funded is above 100€ right?

@Fergus quick question. I have already invited someone before this promotion. Do I still have the right to get a free share on this promotion? And what happens if I invite multiple people? On other brokers you get a free share for each person you invite, is it the same here? Thanks in advance!

Coinbase would be nice indeed! And not specifically :smiley:

If the person made an account after 9 am today, you’ll be fine. Every member gets members promotion you can invite as many people you want, but to make have a chance to receive Palantir, Coinbase, or Live Nation it only works for the first new member that is using your referral code. The maximum number of free shares that you can receive on your BUX Zero account is 10.

Good luck @Frisoke! :smiley:

@Fergus thank you for the fast reply! My girlfriend just funded her account! Coinbase coinbase coinbase! :grin:

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Amazing! Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t4:

Hoi @Fergus,

Wanneer komt er weer zo’n actie zoals dit. Want ik heb nu al 4x mensen er mensen voor uitgenodigd en er 3x naast gegrepen, haha! Want iedere keer kwam het een dag later in de mail dat je dan meer kans kon maken op Apple of de laatste keer met palantir. Dat is natuurlijk wel zonde :sweat_smile::joy:

Ik weet dat je dit waarschijnlijk niet mag zeggen maar proberen kan altijd :grin:



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Hi @Cornel

Dit kan ik helaas niet zeggen, maar BUX kennende komt ongetwijfeld weer snel met een mooie member get member actie! :wink:

Indien ik meer weet hoor je het natuurlijk direct via onze kanalen!

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Oke top, dankjewel voor je antwoord!

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