Growth Stocks (potential stocks and industries)

Hey everyone!

I would love to have a topic where we can discuss potential growth stocks and rising industries in the (near) future. Since I am investing with a relative small amount of cash, growth stocks might be a good way to make profit (taking the risks in consideration). We can share our thoughts, discuss and help each other with finding, analysing and picking these growth stocks.

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My favorites growth stocks at the moment are CRSR(Corsair Gaming), KLIC(Kulicke and Soffa Industries), DQ(Daqo New Energy) and CRWD(Crowdstrike).

Gaming, chips, solar panels and cyber security. 4 growing industries.

3 good valued stocks. Crowdstrike is not profitable yet.

Growing cash flow and revenue.


Thanks for sharing your growth stocks Frisoke! I am also a fan of CRSR, love the company and it’s forward potential, definitely holding that one. Daqo New Energy (DQ) looks great, will look into the company! The growth stocks that I’ve been looking at are CRSR (Gaming), Digital Turbine (APPS, Technology), Exelis (EXEL, Medical research) and AST Spacemobile (ASTS, Mobile networks). The first three have good fundamentals and strong growth potential. I have been watching ASTS for a while and it could be a long term big winner if they manage to create an space-based cellular network for phones. They are making good steps in creating this (launch of prototype planned in march 2022). Growing industries probably contain gaming, sustainable energy, AI, Technology overall and chips. Trying to look more into sustainable energy stocks so thanks for that Frisoke!

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