Happy No Diet Day - Nutrition Stocks 🍟

Hi everyone,

Okay, so this day is probably one of my favorite days of the year (besides Christmas :sweat_smile:).

As you might know BUX Zero has a lot of stocks that you can find in our ‘nutrition’ section.

What are your favorite nutrition stocks? And why?

Let me know below!



Heineken, always nice to have and their product lasts for a long time now :sweat_smile:

Coca cola. Super brand. Steady and paying dividends.

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PepsiCo altijd lekker voor de cola en de chips.
Coca cola omdat dat gewoon beter smaakt
Kraft Heinz omdat patat zonder saus niet lekker is
Walmart omdat je het ook ergens moet halen.
Mc donald’s want mc kroket is best lekker

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InBev, of course. One beer equals two slices of bread, right? :thinking:

Only nutrition stock I own at the moment is not registered on an exchange unfortunately.

Something which comes close that I own though is Texas Roadhouse, a growth story of restaurants.

Cobra 6