Help for growth stocks

Hello people,

I am looking for some help here. I am very good in rating value stocks but I lack the quality with growth stocks. Can anybody give me some advise or give some nice ratios which are important for a good valuation of growth stocks.

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O man, that’s a long one to answer. So many things to look at!

  • Is the idea innovative?
  • What can be said about demand?
  • Who is the target group?
  • Where is the target group?
  • How big is the market?
  • Is there competition and how does your company compare?
  • Is the company already profitable or will it be profitable further down the line?
  • What are the backgrounds of those in the board of directors?
  • How much start-up capital is required to complete their first phase(s)? And when will they be break even?
  • And if it’s tech-related: Do they hold patents? Has their tech been proven to work?

The list goes on and on… :grimacing:
Rating start-ups is hard and risky.


You may check Mothly Fool they share growth stocks :face_with_hand_over_mouth: