Holiday plans

Hello my little raindrops!
Not a lot of action right now on the forum, holidays and vacations are to blame.

Time for some easy chatting, without blaming and scandals please. Stay nice!

What are everyone’s plans for the summer vacation?

Out with the kids or with your friends?
Themeparks or to the zoo!?

I will be going to the north of my own country ( The Netherlands) for 7 days, just going to be in nature and no busy places and preparing for my internship in Amsterdam next year.

Curious about all of your plans!


@kobalt Fun idea! I have no vacation. But in my free time I will go to klein Scheveningen in Vianen. nevertheless I’m happy that it is such a good weather and I can spend some time with my family :blush:

Nice! What 'll you study next year?

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I study Art therapies, currently in Year 3 of 4. Will have my intership there for 10 months. The plan was to do it last school year but due to the pandemic it did not work.

From February to July i took a course of Arabic to prepare for next year :slight_smile:

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Sounds interesting! Good luck with that!

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That’s nice to know @Cobalt I don’t have any holiday plans, I will continue my pilot training so I can graduate at the end of the year so I am ready to fly next at AIS Airlines and I will ofcourse work so I can invest some in stocks :joy: and maybe I go on a mid-week holiday in the netherlands to visit a nice city? I live in a town nearby Deventer but I do the west quite well but maybe does anybody have some nice tips? Let me know! @Cornel oooh nice Vianen what’s ‘Klein Scheveningen’

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Enough cities to see, i live in Arnhem myself. Places you can visit:

  • Leiden
  • Breda
  • shertogenbosch
  • Alkmaar

Den helder is also good, you can go anywhere from there. A day to Texel or Amsterdam. Even Leeuwarden and Groningen are within a 2-3 hour drive.

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Klein Scheveningen is een stuk strand (met vakantiehuizen) in Vianen (provincie Utrecht) en daar is het altijd hartstikke gezellig om even te chillen + je kan dan ook zwemmen in de Lek en er zit een leuk eet en drink tentje, waardoor je je daar makkelijk heel de dag kan vertoeven. Ik ga vaak daar heen omdat dat voor mij maar 15 minuten fietsen is en Scheveningen 1 uur rijden (met kans op geen parkeerplek)

  • Utrecht is sowieso mooi om te bezoeken :+1:
  • Breda
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Good luck with your internship @Cobalt! Let me know when you are around the BUX Headquarters so we can have a coffee and talk a bit more about the BUX Community! :pray:t4:


I’ll be going to Ibiza in September, so do any of you guys wants to take over our BUX Community Forum?! :crazy_face: Please share with me some good restaurants or sightseeing tips :pray:t4: :smiley:

I will also visit the Dutch Grand Prix, any F1 fans? :racing_car: :dash:


Denk dat we dat wel met zijn allen doen! Veel plezier in Ibiza in ieder geval.

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Between the 16th and 29th of August any day of the week @Fergus ! Would love to get to know more about Bux and everything :innocent::innocent:

@Fergus yes definitely a F1 fan shame what happened on Sunday. I get the perspective of Hamilton but the Fia that punishment was nothing, should have given a stop and go penalty IMO. Well have fun at Ibiza seems like a great island hopefully the clubs will open soon!

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@Cobalt @Fergus are you guys friends? Or is cobalt actually working for BUX aswell? Cause I am curious. I want to help the community of BUX but my strength is not managing a forum but I can maybe help with some information about some stocks

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Me and @Fergus never met, yet at least. he works for BUX and i don’t but i am just very enthousiastic about everything i face life :slight_smile: .

I help wherever i can and whoever i can. Might even be helpful to a company like BUX. Who knows ey :wink:

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Dat zal niet gek zijn, als jij daar gaat werken :+1::grin:

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Allright that sounds very wonderfull! You help a lot of people on BUX! Keep up this good work

I had that same feeling, too bad he didn’t get a punishment. I can’t wait for the upcoming races going to be incredibly exciting :grin:

And thanks, I hope so too :pray:t4:

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We know each other from the Community Forum indeed! But that sounds like a cool idea @DaveyV19 I was thinking of highlighting some highly traded stocks like Shell or other interesting stocks on our Forum. We will provide them with some interesting news updates and share out thoughts.

Something like the topic @Jim started about Prosus

And maybe it’s nice idea to schedule a call so we can talk together about BUX and our community? I would love to share my thoughts and community plans with you guys :pray:t4: @Cornel @Cobalt @DaveyV19


Sounds great, let’s make this happen! I will contact you :grin:

You got my email right? :stuck_out_tongue: