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I’ve seen that with one of the more recent updates, the home screen interface has changed.
Personally I think it looks a bit smoother, but a bit less practical. I miss a bit of contrast between the position value and the current change in % making it hard to read for me personally.
Below is a possible improvement proposal:

As I said in another topic (1 day chart in portfolio), I see additional possibilities for the main screen to improve the user experience:

  • A graph where you can see your total P/L in euro/dollar (or %). I feel this is much more representative than the portfolio value chart as it is heavily influenced by the deposits into your account. It tells nothing about your performance.

  • A short overview where you can see the total acquired dividend income. If you want to make this very fancy, you can also see this per share and per sector. I keep track of this in an excel, but that of course takes some work.

  • The possibility to see the total realized P/L per share. Including closed positions, profit/loss due to currency and including dividends

I think for the web version of BUX these features are not to be missed, but of course it would be great to be able to see those things through the app as well.

Feel free to let us know your opinion about this.

Thanks in advance!



Hi @NickVO28, thanks a lot for your input.

I shared your feeback and it’s really much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Hi @NickVO28, once again we would like to thank you for your input. Some colleagues even mentioned it was an ‘‘amazing feedback’’. :smiling_face:

We also would like to point out that a part of your text ('‘With the update, the option to see the total P/L in % per position in the main screen has also disappeared.’') is not really correct. In fact, you can see your positions % change (all time or today) as the smaller/secondary number for each ISIN. Is that the option you were referring to? :slight_smile:


Hi @elissa ,

You are correct indeed. In that case my apologies and I will correct it in my post! :wink:

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