How did you get involved with stocks?

Hi guys,

I thought it would be nice to know each other a little more.

How did you guys get involved with stocks, how do you look towards stocks and which stock do you like the most, that you already own!

I started investing march 2019. I got involved with this cause my parents are investing for more than 20 years! Most of the time with succes.
I thought it would be nice to make some money on my own (besides work) that I started investing.

I look towards stocks on the manner like the most of you do, I think? Haha! My first question is always : is this stock or this company holding it in to the future. Is it there over 10 years still? Then I look of this company is undervalued at the moment, if it is? I will buy it!

I like PepsiCo cause the dividend is strong and they make so much money on the things that they sell.

Here a little picture, how you can see how I look for new stocks



Thank you for sharing Cornel! I like the investing philosophy in the picture!

I started investing in late 2019. But after the corona crisis I made the biggest mistake ever to panic sell everything (Luckily I got out without a loss). But it still hurt seeing literally every company I was in go X2 or X3 over the past few years haha!

That being said, I learned a painful but valuable lesson to not invest with emotions and just hold onto it as long as the company itself is still solid fundamentally!

Now, thanks to Bux making it so much easier to invest, I started getting back into investing since February 2021.

I personally like to look at a company in comparison to its competition, and if it has a leg up over them. I believe a good product is the hardest thing to make, so if that is solid, chances are, the rest will come! (which is funnily enough also the reason why I have great faith in the Bux crypto token, because Bux as a whole is, in my opinion, far above its competition in terms of product, although I get that crypto and stocks are different, the philosophy I apply is the same)

As for stocks, I’m personally a massive fan of American Tech stocks. They are one of the biggest winners of the last 20 years, and I personally do not see tech going away. Especially companies like Alphabet, Microsoft, Apple, Nvidia, etc. who sell so many different things nowadays.

And lastly, my biggest tip will be, pick at least around 10-15 stocks for safety (and in a few different sectors)!


That’s a very nice Topic @Cornel and a great story how you started investing! I am glad you enjoy it so much and I can really enjoy your passion for PepsiCo!


I started Investing in November 2020. It seems like a good moment. I was already following the news for about 6 months due to my best friend. He started 6 months earlier. We started together a portfolio combining it and started learning form each other and the market. After we thought we know enough to start for our own we splurged the wallet and now do I have my own wallet for almost a year. My first stock is ofcourse Royal Dutch Shell😂 I love the company I love the business I love the dividend. I am also on the same strategy as Cornel showed us in the picture above. I don’t really have a favourite sector but if I have to choose I think industry stocks. I have a mixed wallet I have stocks in every sector except travel and the coin base one (I am not a crypto believer) and I have stocks around the world germany France Belgium the Netherlands U.S. Asia. If I would pick a stock I want but is currently to pricey IMO I would Microsoft or Nestlè. Both are lovable companies but that’s why are they so expensive. I am looking forward to the next stories!


Not a crypto believer? Surely you can make an exception for the magnificent Bux token! :joy:

But jokes aside, Its good to see the diversity, I really think that’s the key part to making profits while also defending yourself against a market crash in certain sectors!

I’m a massive fan of Microsoft (such a consistent company), so if you ever see a good price, I definitely recommend you buy some!


Nice ! Sorry to hear that you take all your stocks out when it crashed! But you learned from it and that is the most important thing! :+1:

Nice too see that you are enjoying the stocks that you own! Tech stocks are crazy and so good! I love it!


Thanks Davey !




I love this topic @Cornel ! :fire:

I started 7 years ago by investing in art (designer toys to be specific) and later on, I switched to prints of certain artists I appreciated. Because I wanted to diversify and add more assets to my portfolio I moved to crypto (Chainlink and Bitcoin mainly) and stocks.

My best friend was already into stocks and he introduced me to a couple of content creators which got my intention so I started to read more books and articles about the stock market.

I’m a big fan of Apple and I really love their products. Although their current value might be a bit high atm (dropped 11% though) I think it still has a huge potential and directions they can go to (subscriptions, cloud service(s), electric cars, home accessories, etc.)

Think Apple will still exist over ten years and I don’t see other consumer electronics companies surpass them anytime soon :smiley:

Now it’s your turn, don’t be shy boys to share! :brown_heart:
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Thanks @fergus! I like apple also ! I see them also over 10 years still on the market! They will improve with everything they own now, i like there cloud services and the way I see there cars on videos, is insane!

Thank you !


Well that question will make me look ancient.

We traded in options at high school.

Our economics teacher was heavily invested and infectiously enthousiastic. Our class poneyed up some cash to buy Philips stock just to get our feet wet. But interest waned after the initial excitement - Philips did not move for a whole month. So we agreed to exit to break even The teacher remained bullish and kept telling us about his advanced leveraged trades.

Then the crash of ‘87 happened. Needless to say the poor guy went on a long ass sick leave. Best lesson in investing ever.


That is sick, that you guys traded back in the old days on school with your teacher. Especially when it won’t happen now a days, cause that would make some trouble I think.

Sorry to hear that from your teacher, but he teached himself a lesson.

Thanks for your input @Possie !


I like the idea of investing with very small amounts in schools a lot.

One of the things that frustrated me the most about the place I grew up in is that absolutely NO ONE talks about investing your money. Everyone said that its way safer to have your money on the bank… Meanwhile inflation rates of 2-4% per year And house market growing by 87% in the last 8 years made the value of my money on the bank pretty much tank down while the number looks the same… I personally dont call money being less worth every year as ‘safe’ :sweat_smile:.

Ofcourse you always need a backup so that you can support yourself in times of crises (which should also be learned in schools), but there is nothing wrong with learning the youth to invest a tiny amount in stocks / crypto’s every month.

From what I’ve seen, if you diversify your money in different sectors (and maybe some ETFS), and can hold it for at least 5-10 years, its always going up (even looking at the 2008 bank crisis). while it will always go down in value if its laying around in a bank account.


Great topic @Cornel !

I’m 21 years old. I started investing in the end of December 2020. The reason why I started investing is because I want to be financial free one day. With only a job or one job it’s very hard to reach this. A job combined with long term investing can make your life feel less troublesome on the financial side. I want to explore the world and learn more about myself. I waited a bit with investing till I found a broker without fees. So as soon as I saw Bux Zero I started investing.

I built up my portfolio with a mix of value, growth and dividend stocks. Because I’m still young, I tend to have a bit more growth stocks but I buy them mostly at a fair or undervalued price.

Valuation is very important for me because it decides the future returns I will receive (looking for low p/e or low price to free cash flow). I’m also looking for innovative companies that might have a meaning full impact in the future. I tend to avoid old school business models. Dividends and share buybacks are always an awesome extra!

My two favorite stocks at the moment are Daqo New Energy (DQ) and Kulicke and Soffa Industries (KLIC). In my opinion both are overlooked and high undervalued. KLIC plays a big role in semiconductor equipment, micro/mini LED displays and 5G. Daqo is a leader in manufacturing polysilicon for the solar industry.

I did not buy any crypto yet. I will be looking to buy some Bux coins once the integration is here!

Since a few months I also started a YouTube channel to share my investing portfolio and experiences. In my profile you can find a link to the channel if you want to check it out!

Interesting to read everyone’s opinion! I wish you all the best🤩


Thanks for sharing @frisoke ,

Nice goal that you have in mind! Keep it up! I like the manner how you manage your things! Digging in to the numbers and looking for something “special” .

Good luck friso!


Nice to read your stories!

I bought some bitcoin a few years ago. After buying every altcoin that was shilled to me online I found out that wasn’t the best method for me to earn some money. I started to swingtrade altcoins based on TA against the BTC pairing. Made some money and wanted to diversify my portfolio.

I started checking out stocks and found out the price action is comparable to crypto in a slower pace. So I started trading stocks based on TA as well. When my girlfriend got pregnant I started getting more interested in investing in stocks for the longer term. Patiently building a portfolio for myself and DCA’ing for my daughter in a seperate account now.


Nice story @Jim thanks for sharing! Nice to see that you are investing for your own and your daughters feature!


Amazing indeed, would love to do the same in the future as well :pray:t4: @Jim


I would love that too! Because everything I will do is for my future and the people which I spend it with