How is your portfolio?

Hi everyone!

I have a question, how is everyone’s portfolio going?
Which stocks do you have on your watchlist and why?

You can’t post your portfolio here, you can only tell if you are in the + / - and which stocks performs te best. **you can only post your watchlist here **


Just like this guy, waiting for progress again


A week Ago I broke even again (after first being 25% up and then 15% down). :sweat_smile: Now its a bit lower again, but I honestly cant complain with those inflation numbers and a war going on. Holding for long term anyways. :muscle:

took out my worst preforming stocks 2 weeks ago because I needed a little money (I prefer to cut off my losers instead of take profits from the winners). Which were Paypal, Uber and Pinterest. Now they are all on my watchlist when I got the money again haha. Especially Paypal and Pinterest are starting to get really nice PE’s for such big tech stocks.

Lastly I’m also thinking about selling my Etsy stock, but not sure yet.

As for the rest I cant complain. The big three, Microsoft, Apple and alphabet all made 40% up for me this year. Even with those ups I still think those are by far my most safe bets in my portfolio. I would go as far as to say, low risk high reward stocks. ^^

And of course I love my semi-conductor stocks, so even though they’ve had a rough few months, last year they’ve done really well for me, and I think its one of the biggest sectors for the coming 5-10 years.


HAHA lol :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Nice to hear @Mixer

Cut your losses as they say and invest in stuff you really like!

Good job!

Alphabet is :heart_eyes: I would like to have them too!

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