How long till dividend?

Hello everyone,

Anyone receive the dividend payout from a stock called: Realty Income (O). They paid a dividend on the 15th of August, but as of yet 17th I haven’t received it. Does it normally take this long? I did have the shares on the ex-dividend date and still do own them.

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Hi @Pauwtje, first of all a warm welcome to our Community! :raised_hands:

Sometimes dividends are distributed a few working days after the actual payment date. This is because we first need to receive the cash from the company that pays out the dividends. As soon as BUX Zero receives the cash, this is transferred to the cash available - in the App - of the eligible users. Here you can find some more information.

If you still have questions on this, I will be happy to help!

Feel free to have a look at our older posts in the Community and leave a comment to participate to the coversations. Have a nice day :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the warm welcome! Looking forward to getting to know this community a bit more :slight_smile:

It is my first “big” dividend I receive on Bux Zero so that’s why I’m a bit nervous :sweat_smile:


Haha I get that! I am also looking forward to receive my first dividend for Shell in September :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Welcome Pauwtje, fellow Buxer and fellow co-owner of Realty Income ! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m also looking forward to receiving the dividend, but as mentioned sometimes it can take a few working days. Usually I receive dividends on the day itself or the following working day, but now and then it takes a few days more. The longest I ever had to wait for one was about a week I believe (it was because the company made a mistake with the dividends they paid out to Bux or at least that’s what Bux said).

So don’t worry, it will probably arrive tomorrow or Friday, hopefully. :partying_face:


Hello @yohhst thanks for the welcome and thorough answer! Who doesn’t love monthly dividends :upside_down_face:.

Hope it comes soon :money_with_wings:


Don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing is gonna be alright :facepunch:


It did! I just received it :slight_smile:


Nice !!

It really depends on your broker to be honest when they pay.

Generally BUX is very much on time with most of it, DeGiro is always late by a few days. SAXO (Former Binck) transfers you the dividend on the exact pay date even if they haven’t received it themselves yet, but then again you pay for SAXO but you don’t for the others.

So basically for “free” brokers you can expect your dividend payment to not be on the actual pay day, while for “subscription” brokers you can expect the dividend to be paid on time.

This is one of my main gripes with DeGiro because I have a few companies that pay between the 29th and 31th of the month and I receive these dividends in the month after, which is annoying when I want to keep track of dividends in my Excel.

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Anyone knows when the Volkswagen special dividend (12-2022) will be payed?
Or maybe there is a catch like need to have VW stocks longer than a year or so?

Can’t find anything about a special dividend:

What are your sources for this special dividend?

Gebeurtenissen op naam
19/12/22 Onthechting van dividenddividend (uitzonderlijk)

Bij dit topic staat Porche…, ben ik de sjaak?

Maandag 9 januari wordt die uitbetaald…aan Volkswagen aandeelhouders. :wink:

Met het bedrag dat ik ga krijgen (na aftrek bronbelasting) kan ik BIJNA een extra aandeel kopen. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Ik heb super gezocht :slight_smile: maar kon dat niet vinden.
Anyway, blij met je info.

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Volkswagen news…