How to manage it after buying ?


I will configure an investment with 3 ETH’s maybe 5.
For each of them, the system will buy a fractional of the ETF share.

If later, for any reasons, I need do sell to get back some money.
Can I for example sell some shares of one of the ETF’s ?
I think about to possibilities

  • I can sell only some shares (zero order) no fees …
  • I sell all the etf’s (in tha case : factrional seeling ) = 1.5 euro of fees

One other situation : I remove (sell) 1000 euro of my invest plan => in that case, I sell one etf or several etf to get 1000 => fees = 1 euro.

My last question : when you buy etf directly (by yourself) and the same etf with a plan, do you see all the shares in portfolio in on place or are they seperated (some on the portfolio / some in the invest plan)

Thanks for your help !

So I made a test by myself

First step after the execution of the plan I have two EFT with fractional part
The operation of today is added to the global amount (before = 3 shares after 3.4256 shares f.e.) for each etf

Now I will check the fees to sell these two efts as it seems to be not possible to sell them in one operation

see tomorrow

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