How's your trading day doing?

Hello Bux 0 users! :wave:

This is an open thread about how your trading day this is doing!
Mine is doing worse at this moment. Tech is going down :pensive:. This correction seems to be huge.

What do you guys think? Will tech recover? Or will it get worse :rage:?

Feel free to share your opinion and how your trading day is doing. Maybe we can help each other with opinions and own visions.


Ye the progress of the last 6 months have been stripped away for tech! :sob:

That being said, I like to look at the 1 year and 5 year graph, which are still doing better than most other sectors.

But tbh, Its hard to say recover when the Nasdaq is still doing 33%+ this year, which is pretty crazy for stocks if you ask me.

I still trust the stocks I hold, for the long term. Which is why I normally only look once a month (maybe gonne change that to once a year). :grin:


Travel stocks are doing better but tech is indeed worse. FED isn’t helping as well. I do believe that some tech stocks especially the Dutch ones aren’t valued correctly(ASML, ASMI and Besi) are undervalued. Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet and Amazon are overhyped and overvalued. But that’s mine opinion.


Why do you think ASML is undervalued? P/e is 47 currently. Looks pretty pricey to me. I would buy more of KLIC everyday before ASML. Alphabet at a p/e of 26 is pretty fair I would say. For sure not overhyped.

Portfolio is down 1,7%. Buying dips where I can.


ASML has a monopoly position. Without them players like TSMC and Samsung aren’t able to do much. They show grow each year. Besides that ASML just received a higher price target as well. I expect great results from the chippers from the NL this year.

Do you expect KLIC to rise this year?

Portfolio down 2.7% atm. Still have a huge profit so won’t do anything.


I want to add to this that the semi conductor space is probably one of the most important spaces in the coming 10 years (Even China’s ‘5 year plan’ pretty much acknowledge the importance).

So to have a monopoly position like ASML, it looks to me like it will be one of the safer bets (like Microsoft and Apple were in the 2010-2020).

For competitors to get even close to the position ASML is, would probably take at least 5-10 years already. Just because of the nature of how hard it is to get everything running in the Semiconductor space. (Unlike some other sectors where the biggest competitors can come out of nowhere in a few years)


Apple and Microsoft have been trading below pe’s of 20 from 2010-2020. If ASML can sustain their profitability maybe it will do fine. But for me it is on the too hot pile for now. KLIC will perform well once people see that it is undervalued. Not to mention they have 20% of their market cap in cash, buyback shares and pay out dividends.

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I think the tech correction is correct. They were way to pricey. My year is going great. Every day i made profit. And I am just holding and wait for a nice price and what @Frisoke is saying, ASML is way to pricey

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That’s what I’m thinking as well.

Apple MS both are overhyped by Americans. KLIC might be smart. But not sure how much competitors they have.

Micro LED sounds nice but Samsung just announced QD-Display tech. So the mass Micro LED TV’s won’t be here anytime soon.

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From what I can tell Microsoft had a PE of 30-40 in the ends of 2015-2016. and a P/E of 45 in 2018, both were perfectly fine buying moments.

And even if Apple and Microsoft had a PE of 50 in 2010, it would’ve still payed out.

Just keep in mind that low PE does not always mean undervalued, it can also mean that the market understands there is very little growth from the company, or that they are just not gonna win from competitors.

In the end good products and smart management is almost always the most important factor, and well, I would argue having a monopoly position means you have a good product and good management, Especially in the semi conductor scene.


Looks like the Dutch chippers are doing great today. :+1:

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I think the winner of today is ofcourse shareholders of Activision blizzard. What a moment 95 dollar per share. That is amazing


Yea! You don’t hear me complaining! :smirk: Randomly saw a stock with 30% up in one day in my portfolio.

I also hold Microsoft, and think that if the deal goes through, its a very smart deal, long term. They are starting to build up an amazingly big portfolio of games and game developers. Especially after also acquiring Bethesda (Zenimax) last year.

That being said, I heard Bobby Kotick say that one of the big reasons for the deal was to work together with Microsoft in the ‘Metaverse’ space. And maybe I’m just a boomer, but, the metaverse really feels way to overhyped… :sweat_smile:


Congratulations to both :partying_face: I totally missed this stock. But not complaining. Besi did do well last week. Plus I own some of MS as well. Let’s wait and see!


I agree with you. The metaverse seems a bit hyped. 95 dollar per share is cheap imo. Ofcourse with the share price today it is good. But the share was really cheap cause sexual harassment. The stock was priced 85. I’m happy with the profit but still not 100% happy with the take-over price I was think around 110-120 imo 30-40% extra on the share price 6 months ago


ye it is rather cheap, but I cant blame them really. Its a huge risk for Microsoft to take over a company with such a ‘toxic work environment’ and all the scandals.

I also think that the quarterly earning of 2022 would all be pretty bad y/y. simply because the blizzard side of things has pretty much been at a stand still for the last 6 months, and the foreseeable future. 2 massive franchises pushed to 2023 (Overwatch and Diablo) and from what I hear the World of Warcraft team is massively behind. Many developers still refused to work until Kotick leaves (Maybe different now that Microsoft bought it).

Even though Blizzard is the smallest of the 3 (Activision - King - Blizzard), Its still massive. I still would be surprised to see any good news from Bliz in this year. So in that sense Microsoft is already buying a company that’s handicapped for at least this year, if not longer. Getting good developers amidst such scandal’s is pretty hard.


Agree agree, I will take the profit of 95 dollars per share. With the small correction that is happening atm their is hopefully a company on my watchlist that is butworthy. L’Oréal Honeywell LVMH are still to expensive but BHP is looking good! This will be a goodbye for my investment in gaming for now. Don’t see bargains here anymore, EA tencent Ubisoft take-two are all to expensive IMO


Today will be green! I hope :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Great results from ASML. But, the inflation and interest is killing tech at this moment. Painful quarter, especially if there will be a war as well. Too many things going on.

I think the second half of 2022 will be much better. FED is acting like our OMT too much fear all the time.

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